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324 Responses

  1. starlight says:

    Cool. Mines is Musta Phelan-vir. But i also by another name Starlight Wolfess.

  2. Alpha_Werewolf says:

    So if you are a werewolf how did you became one, because i want to be one to.

  3. volamena says:

    thats weird, why I have a alpha in my name? We do not even belong to the same species as those shifters

  4. Alpha says:

    Alpha werewolf, you cant become one, you have to be born one

  5. Alpha says:

    Also werewolf names? Um… Your werewolf name is just your name, ya know the one given to ya at birth. It dosnt change when you transform.

  6. jessica metzler says:

    my name is Lune Lupus-Pius

  7. Alpha says:

    Lune Varg-coloratus

  8. Alpha says:

    Sounds spanish

  9. zilver says:

    Alpha Landga-coloratus

  10. WolfMan says:

    Hey so i have a wierd question, im a werewolf and me and my friends who are not werewolves were doing um…weed, this was my first time, my friends hit it like five times before they where high high, i hit it a total of 18 times before i felt anything, it just gave me a headache. Dose this have anything to do with being a werewolf?

  11. Camouflagex7 says:

    Does anyone has a past life memory before you die when you were an adult werewolf or as a pup, I do

  12. Camouflage says:

    Does anyone has a past life memory when you were an adult werewolf or a pup when you died, I do

  13. Camouflage says:

    Hi guys what did I miss

  14. Alpha says:

    Absolutely nothin, its been slow

  15. Craig says:

    Por favor, consulte las instruccioes y manuales de su navegador para
    ampliar esta información.

  16. Lillith Jane Black says:

    haha that makes no sense i mean I know what i means but why

  17. Emberi Landga-lucidus says:

    also hey every one i would like every one to know that if you want to join my pack you can and i dont know but i think im the only werewolf kid here also im going to see if i can makke one but for know i cant im still a kid im only 11

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