Input your name into the werewolf name generator to find out what your werewolf name is! Just enter your first and last name below, then press “get my name”.

The werewolf Name Generator


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Werewolf Name Generator
*Try a different browser if you are having trouble getting a name, it should fix any problems.

413 Responses

  1. The Masked Warrior says:

    AAAAAAH!!!! damn computer!!!!! Can’t stream, Or at least not yet…

  2. EvaLuna says:

    now you see my pain and misery i cant play any games or anything interesting because of teachers and all you know 🙁

  3. The Masked Warrior says:

    I see, I have Shite Internet, Can’t do anything….

  4. EvaLuna says:

    oh i feel very bad for you but um hmm i was going to say something but nvm

  5. The Masked Warrior says:

    uh, okay, Evaluna..

  6. EvaLuna says:

    i just checked out your video you were different than i expected lol

  7. EvaLuna says:

    hey um you ok? you’re not answering im starting to worry now

  8. The Masked Warrior says:

    XD, well, tablets don’t capture the real, they capture close, SOMETIMES…

  9. EvaLuna says:

    lol and did you check your email?

  10. The Masked Warrior says:

    Indeed, you look just, like my old friend…

  11. EvaLuna says:

    um who?

  12. The Masked Warrior says:

    I can’t say, Good night………

  13. EvaLuna says:

    ok it will remain a mystery until you tell me and good night to you too

  14. minuit says:

    hey ok one question my fingernails are growing back faster than usual so is that what normally happens?

  15. minuit says:

    wait what are you guys talking about?

  16. Mist says:

    I didn’t read any of the other comments.
    I just decided, “everybody must know I have read this!!!!”
    I’m weird like that some times
    (Other people: NOBODY CARES!!
    Me: I know 🙂

  17. Mist says:

    My stupid I pad doesn’t want to work! A name doesn’t appear!!

  18. Mist says:

    No one else is even really up at this time. Just me! Oh and some guy out on the street
    It’s 11!

  19. Mist says:

    Dang I’m annoying sometimes

  20. Mist says:

    Why does the comment time say 9:50? Ok that’s messed up

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