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Input your name into the werewolf name generator to find out what your werewolf name is! Just enter your first and last name below, then press “get my name”.

The werewolf Name Generator


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Werewolf Name Generator
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308 Responses

  1. starlight says:

    Cool. Mines is Musta Phelan-vir. But i also by another name Starlight Wolfess.

  2. Alpha_Werewolf says:

    So if you are a werewolf how did you became one, because i want to be one to.

  3. volamena says:

    thats weird, why I have a alpha in my name? We do not even belong to the same species as those shifters

  4. Alpha says:

    Alpha werewolf, you cant become one, you have to be born one

  5. Alpha says:

    Also werewolf names? Um… Your werewolf name is just your name, ya know the one given to ya at birth. It dosnt change when you transform.

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