Input your name into the werewolf name generator to find out what your werewolf name is! Just enter your first and last name below, then press “get my name”.

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Werewolf Name Generator
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424 Responses

  1. Night shade/outcasted alfa says:

    Hi masked warrior

  2. Night shade/outcasted alfa says:

    This thing is a liar my wolfs name is night shade and my best friends wolfs name is midnight.

  3. Night shade/outcasted alfa says:

    Oh and hi evaluna.

  4. Evaluna (Luna of the Lunar Apocalypse pack says:

    @Night shade hi 😀 ur new right?

  5. Blazing Coyote says:

    @Evaluna EVALUNA!!!!!!! Omg I need you! Plz be here rn PLZ

    Seriously am I overreacting?

  6. Blazing Coyote says:

    I feel like I am overreacting, plz let me know if I am.

  7. miniut says:

    hi evaluna

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