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449 Responses

  1. EvaLuna says:

    ok ttyl 😀

  2. The Masked Warrior says:

    I hope you didn’t see his comment on the previous page….. but GTG BBS!!!

  3. EvaLuna says:

    ok i will see you later 😀

  4. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    Soooo, are you and Masked, you know.. Together???

  5. EvaLuna says:

    are who and masked together?

  6. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    please refer to previous page.

  7. EvaLuna says:

    it wont let me but who were you referring to?

  8. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    ……….You, and Masked? I feel that you two are in… a heated, relationship, a secretive one at that…. I hope he finally found someone, but if I’m wrong then SHIIIIT!!!!!

  9. EvaLuna says:

    im sorry but no we arent

  10. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    ….. Oh, well, he’s already alone, he’s used to it, he’ll be here in a few min, I HOPE HE DOESN’T ACTUALLY SLAP ME…….

  11. EvaLuna says:

    lol i will make sure he doesnt and if he does i will give him a full speech on who was right lol

  12. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    Wait, is it true, was John shot????? I heard he was shot, our Cpl, and LCpl, told me, IS IT TRUE!!!!????????????

  13. EvaLuna says:

    i think it is im not sure im all the way here in VA

  14. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    Virginia???? hmmm, I hope he doesn’t go down there, he has, many former packmates there, they kinda hate him, I can’t say who they are.. BUT STILL, I am to protect him from harm, and heal any harm that comes to him…….. Masked is here…

  15. EvaLuna says:

    hm ok well tell him i said hi 😀

  16. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    Will do…

  17. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    He said to, “Check your email for an Efail..”

  18. EvaLuna says:

    ok tell him i will

  19. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    He’s just sitting on his tablet, do you have any clue why???

  20. EvaLuna says:

    nope lol

  21. Wolf (Bushman) says:

    Huh, we talked he dissapeared, WTF?????? how did he do that WHILE I was looking at him? I better start walking home… :'( Masked has to go 3 miles, I have to go 10, I have a bike atleast.

  22. EvaLuna says:

    well lucky you 😀 and are you and him close friends?

  23. The Masked Warrior says:

    Go to mail quickly, please, I’m going to link you to a stream…

  24. EvaLuna says:

    ok im on it

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