Werewolf mask -a werewolf quiz

Werewolf Quiz A.

  • Question #1. Why do advertisers insist on dressing werewolves in flannel as part of their costume?


When have you ever seen a werewolf wear flannel? hmm…ok maybe not the best question. What about this: If you had to make a werewolf would he be wearing flannel? This would be like dressing him up in only business attire. Since when do werewolves only wear one type of clothing?! The problem is that people see pictures like this and then get the idea they must dress in their Halloween costume the same way. A werewolf technically should be naked? Right? But for Halloween’s sake, and our budgets sake, going out for Halloween in a “full body” werewolf costume would be difficult, thats why we only choose the werewolf mask. For Halloween try to come up with a new idea, Halloween is all about ideas. A werewolf can be anybody so when choosing your costume remember that the werewolf can be anybody! Maybe a werewolf student, a werewolf construction worker, a werewolf anybody! change it up, be creative for Halloween. Grab a nice mask, and then choose the rest, grab some old clothes from your closet and make it fit the werwolf’s mask personality. Have your kid’s or friends dress up as Vampires and whenever there are chances put on a “show” for everybody! Werewolves vs Vampires! Be sure to put your candy bucket down on the ground and maybe you can get a few extra bucks from the crowd 😉

Just don’t show up at the Halloween party in a werewolf mask and flannel. please. There are plenty of other costume ideas out there.

werewolf mask flannel

The werewolf quiz isn’t over yet, we are just getting started.



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11 Responses

  1. Meep says:

    I think the flannel comes from the original wolfman. Or some other really big werewolf movie. The werewolf wore flannel, so now every werewolf costume includes flannel to make it recognizable. Just as every “space girl” costume you see resembles judy/jane Jetson.

  2. kayla says:

    i love werewolfs because jacob black aka taylor lautner in the movie is a werewolf that why i would like to have his autograph.

  3. Katie says:

    I also think that it was in a realy big and great movie so now they think it is the key to succsess and so now they make it into every single thing. Also flannel is realy cool

  4. lonewolf123 says:

    How about a werewolf banana? Lolz. I am Werewolfabanana, fear my peels of wrath! Lol… That is a little funny. and now IS the time to start thinking about what to wear… i have a picture of when i was little, I wore a lion costume. rAwr. still, lol.

  5. lonewolf123 says:

    There was this ‘werewolf’ in this costume last halloween, and it SUCKED. but, seriously, dude. i dont think a kid would go NAKED for halloween, and they are NOT the REAL werewolves here! 😀

  6. Werewolf believer says:

    Help me I need answers to find out if I’m one

  7. hailey says:

    i think i am becase i fell the moon and did a bunch of spell so this full moon me and my freind is going to go out on suday and howl

  8. Night stare/female alfa says:

    I am pretty sure how to tell if you are a werewolf I mean I am a three quarder blooded werewolf the o e third is human and that part sucks

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