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Dear Humans: You know who you are. The non-believers, the ones who have never seen a werewolf, the ones who discredit the wolf and the existence of the werewolf and his history… this is for you. So you will no longer have to  live in disbelief, so you can say *officially* that you are or have been a werewolf at some point in your human life.

For most of you this is the closest you will ever get to being the someone who you long to be, someone who has a greater power on this earth, someone who has more control than you (the human) will ever have. To the human who’s dreams of being a wolf will not come true and deep within your heart you know this to be true. You no longer have to troll the interwebs in search of the truth, in search of proof, in search of your dream, or answers…this is your answer… become who you want to be, who you need to be…

(disclaimer: the above text is not affiliated or related to Werewolf Me app below…)


werewolf me app wallpaper Werewolf Me is an iPhone, ipod touch, and iPad compatible app that allows humans who are not already werewolves to transform themselves, friends, or family into a wolf!

Using your own pictures this app gives you the ability to morph it (your pic) into a werewolf instantly. You can also, for a better experience, wait and the app’s moon phase “monitor” will automatically morph you into a wolf depending on if the moon is full or not. Either way with this morphing app you will surely know what you look like as a wolf. Once you have your wolf “self” you can show all of your friends, email it, or post it to FaceBook. Your “status” according to the status of the moon will be indicated on the app. You will know what the current moon phase is along with how many days before a full moon.

(Images credit: digitalmint.net/apps/werewolfme)

The Werewolf Me app was released February 2010 and can be found directly in the iTunes store or directly from the Werewolf Me App website.



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15 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    lol XD im bored lol…

  2. lee ann says:

    the one post that rubs in the fact that i DONT HAVE AN ITOUCH!

  3. Astinah says:

    lol XD im so happy now i know what i like most. the total opposite of what the human mind wants. hehe and i thought demons were tormenting me. they were all angels afterall. hahaha.

  4. Astyanax says:

    and that would certainly be called as a lie.. -_-

  5. Anastaia says:

    I don’t know what to think. After I hear that.

  6. McCall says:

    I can’t even find the download page via iPad

  7. Faolan says:

    werewolves rock lol

  8. Faolan says:

    i know how your feeling

  9. Faolan says:

    humans suck

  10. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Faolan: your right we do suck we have done bad things the A-bomb the H-bomb the persecution and extermination of the jewish people of Europe chemical and biological weapons etc that’s why I am going to be an odinist hail odin!

  11. L says:

    Hello. I’m a hunter and a werewolf.

  12. Evaluna says:

    hey @L

  13. scarlet says:

    hi i am a real werewolf no joke real life

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