werewolf mind wanders

It has been said that when in werewolf form that the werewolves have no prospects, no dreams, no reality. Werewolves do live in the moment but most certaily have dreams and are aware of some of things happening to them, the problem is though that the intensity of being in werewolf form can overwhelm even the most experienced shape shifter. So how can you keep the intensity of being a shapeshifter under control?

Shapshifting is an art or skill just like any other, you have to learn how to control it and manage it just like most skills. Learn the drawbacks and consequences of shifting just as much as the benefits. But once you learn this, with experience you will become more self managed, and eventually when in werewolf form your mind will be free of the fog. The managed mind is probably the hardest of being wolf, it is difficult to take control of a mind that strays away from your normal human thoughts but it is definitely possible.

Train yourself to snap back to reality but do it first and master it first in human form.

Learn from your mistakes in human form, when you do something that you know that you should not be doing wake up into reality and make yourself take control. This is basic, to control the human half is important because if you cant control your human inside you may never be able to control the wolf.

Once you are able to cotnrol your human side accomplishing the difficult task of controlling the wolf while in werewolf form will be much easier. You are half way there once at this pont. The wolf mind will wander, sometimes wander itno thoughts your human side and wolf side will be unaware of, but with the mastering this skill you can make yourself and your mind snap back to reality. Dont let yourself lost control of the mind when in wolf form, train the human inside you to manage your thoughts, don’t let your thoughts stray into the unknown.

Wolves are powerful, use the strength of the wolf to its benefit of yourself and of others. Wolves never harm others, instinct of the wolf might think otherwise but since you have the human instinct make yourself snap back to reality and control, always protect fellow humans, and defend other wolves.

More information on control and the reality of being a weighted one:

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  1. Jeremy says:

    1st comment 馃檪

  2. lee ann says:

    nooooooo! i wanted to be first :p

  3. V盲rl么c says:

    Forget being first!

    I entirely agree. Besides, we must have sellf control if we wish to change our image. We are against many stereotypes as werewolves. The more often we try to better, the better we become, not only towards others, but towards ourselves. Understand what I’m trying to say?

  4. pklett92 says:

    This post rings true in my ears because i have seen what loosing your mind to a beasty quality can do to you. I鈥檓 shore most of you have heard of the drama of Dr. Jackle and Mr.Hide. In this scenario the man looses himself completely to the beast within him. He cant remember any of the actions he has undertaken because he has allowed the beast not the wolf mind you the fkn beast to rule over his human nature. Its very important to understand where the fine line between reality, and insanity lays. Usually for someone to experience bestiality rather than lycanthropy they most likely experienced a great tragedy that warped their ability to reason correctly which sadly results in hate crimes such as rape and murder. So fellow wolves if you have recently come into your own I recommend finding someone who can help you because it is so easy with all that power to quickly fall into darkness.

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  5. pklett92 says:

    http://www.playspoon.com/twi/howto.html method three shows what it takes to become the beast rather than the wolf. Head it, but please don’t try it. Take a good look at the other methods on this site as well.

    i shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  6. Re-searcha says:

    How many times must i tell you people. You are not werewolves. Werewolves are fictional. They are an old wives tale in order to explain missing sheep in the night, and murders in the country side. When families got killed in the olden days, the assumed it was a wolf, because wolves kill chickens and hens, but then they found out it was a serial mur-der-rer. And so people started saying things like he used to be a wolf…hence the term WEREWOLF. NOW DO YOU GET IT YOU DUMMIES…IT IS JUST A MADE UP STORY, YOU CAN’T BE WEREWOLVES BECAUSE IT WAS SOMEONE WHO MADE UP THE TERM. JEEZ LOUISE

  7. You realize you actually just said geez louise right?

  8. lee ann says:

    it said jeez louise?… what are we in the 50’s??

  9. Armand says:

    is any on face book

  10. Armand says:

    then cann we be freinds

  11. Jo says:

    the mind of the were does not wander around cause a werewolf is but a werewolf himself unless he/ she allows some other things to posses him/her. X

  12. pklett92 says:

    I love how you just blow off my hard thought up and exciting post that is very important for something ridiculous researcha is saying…

  13. That guy says:

    You are all crazy. We do not exist… ops!

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