Bloodz vs Wolvez

bloodz vs wolvez

bloodz vs wolvez

The 2006 horror movie Bloodz vs Wolvez is about two gangs – the “Bloodz” (vampires) and the “Wolvez” (werewolves) who duke it out.

It is pretty difficult to find the official trailer for this movie, but I did find a fan made video featuring clips from the movie Bloodz VS Wolvez. Check out the video below!

5 Responses

  1. RapistJoe says:

    An absolute turd of a film. Burn every copy immediately.

  2. virendra says:

    I like this werewolf movi

  3. Lil D Jr says:

    This movie is super dumb.

  4. Alpha Lupus-suur says:

    Lol! haven’t watched it but i guess it is Lol!

  5. Alpha Lupus-suur says:

    @Lil D Jr hello do you know any1 in this website? if not then you’re welcome here 😀

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