Creature of the Night

creature of the night

creature of the night

Angst-ridden rock star Rob Parker has a horrible secret, one he’s desperate to keep from adoring fans, in this unusually fresh take on the werewolf legend which introduces a completely new semi-wolf phase. When containment measures fail and mutilated bodies turn up in the news, his glamorous life begins spiraling out of control forcing him to kidnap and terrorize, Laura, one of his biggest fans. Stressful situations and bondage-filled captivity lead to rising sexual tension between the unlikely couple forming an unnatural bond. An adulterer, stalker and blackmailer round out this ambitious lycanthropic tale that keeps you guessing from start to finish. You’ll believe werewolves are…sexy.

Produced: 2006

Director: Diana Curry

Cast: Doug Grady, Shannon Greer, Mark Schell, Chri Christian

Genre: Horror

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