The 2005 movie Cursed is a film by Wes Craven starring Christina Ricci about three young adults in Las Angeles, California that are attacked by a werewolf.


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  1. is there anime with a wolf girl it beaces i was plaing to a anime fasity this year and i have a wolf costem

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @Destiny Kerr: The two that pop to mind are Blue from Wolf’s Rain and Ame (or Yuki, can’t remember) from Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

  3. Laika says:

    Cursed is a pretty good movie. I own it on a two sided disc, the other side is Dracula 2000. Gerard Butler as Dracula, yes please

  4. Canus Lupus says:

    A couple of days ago I woke up with leaves in my hair and mud in my bed… my pajamas were all torn up and I had blood caked in my hair and a metallic taste on my teeth… This happened a week after I went on a camping trip in the actual woods and got bitten by something. I’m starting to think that the stuff I’ve been obsessed with my whole life is actually real…

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