Ginger Snaps 2

Ginger Snaps 2

About The Story

Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins) does not wish to transform into what Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) had become. In the original “Ginger Snaps” she cut both her and her sister’s hands, and then clasped their wounds together. By doing so Brigitte had contracted her sister’s affliction, and now she must combat it.

After making one of several trips to the library, to continue her research on the biological infection that threatens to change her into a hideous creature, Brigitte goes to a local motel. There she learns her wounds, which she herself inflicts to gauge the effectiveness of her monkshood injections, are healing at an increasing rate. Alarmed, she injects herself with another hit of the purple toxin and immediately begins to overdose. She collapses into the arms of Jeremy (Brendan Fletcher), the librarian who has followed her to bring her some books. He helps her into his car, but before he can start the vehicle a wolf-like creature attacks him. Brigitte escapes the carnage, stumbling down the street before she passes out.

When she comes to she is in the infirmary of the Happier Times Rehabilitation Clinic, and is greeted by Alice (Janet Kidder), who runs the outreach program at the clinic. It seems Brigitte was found on the street and, mistaken for a junkie, was taken to the clinic where she is now locked up and kept from her monkshood.

In the rehab centre Brigitte meets an assortment of characters, mostly girls her own age, incarcerated for various psychological and drug-related problems. But then there is Ghost (Tatiana Maslany), an odd, hyperactive 14-year-old, staying there with her grandmother who is recovering from horrible burns suffered in a house fire. Ghost’s strange manner disguises her intelligence, and she is drawn to Brigitte, intrigued by the new arrival’s manner and unique “addiction.”

Meanwhile the morally corrupt Tyler (Eric Johnson), who secures drugs for the girls in exchange for sexual favours, offers to help Brigitte out, but she rejects him. However, when her hair growth and ear and eye begin to transform she realises she must have the monkshood at any cost. Plus, she is aware that the creature that killed Jeremy has tracked her to the clinic and as she tells Alice, “If you keep me here people are gonna die!”

Ghost offers to help Brigitte escape and together they make their way out of the clinic and, using the rehabilitation clinic car, drive to the rural cottage where Ghost lived with her grandmother. There, without her needed doses of the monkshood Brigitte’s transformation begins to accelerate.

Before they left the clinic Ghost secured a vial of monkshood for Brigitte, but she had no way to inject it. Besides, she needed more than Ghost brought, so she phones Tyler and offers to trade the rehab car if he brings her stash and a needle. He soon arrives but when he injects Brigitte with the monkshood she has a violent reaction, causing Tyler to phone the clinic and inform Alice of the girls’ whereabouts.

Constantly drawn by the attraction of a female that is turning into a creature like him, the beast has also found his way to the cottage.

Alone in the wooded cottage in the dead of winter Ghost, Tyler and Alice will confront the true nature of Brigitte’s affliction.

“ We swore we’d go together, one way or another.
Out by 16 or dead in the scene, but together forever.”

– Ginger to Brigitte in the original “Ginger Snaps”

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