Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf

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  1. Is there realy such thing as werewolfs and do they live some wheres is there real videos of werewolfs on tap.

  2. Why do they make movies of werewolfs if they dont even know if they are real or not

    • Kevin Wilson says:

      Seems in your view only factual movies should ever be made 🙁 Surely this thinking eliminates many many movies literally across all genre by your comment of which millions of people enjoy world wide, whether real or not! I personally enjoy all drama, horror, sci-fi, war and creature features. Movies based on fictional or factual , classic to current

  3. katiewaite says:

    Because werewolves are awesome they are my favorite thing in the world a lot of people believe in werewolves that’s why they make movies about them

  4. lolo says:

    werewolf is I wolf werewolves are more than one wolf

  5. Charlie says:

    They are real guys look it up.

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