Werewolf Myth: dead meat smell

No, werewolves do not smell like dead meat. This is a werewolf myth. This is one of the craziest werewolf myths I’ve heard. Werewolves attract humans, not repel them…and if they smelled like rotting meat, they would definitely repel them.

What a werewolf smells like.

Now, there are actually some flowers that do smell like dead meat. For example, the carrion flower smells like a rotting carcass of meat in order to attract flies and carrion beetles, which are insects who love rotting meat, rotting flesh, and other decaying matter. (Side note, the carrion flower has the world’s largest flower head.)



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4 Responses

  1. Wolf. says:

    I believe the only time a werewolf needs to smell like meat is if she just finished eating… I mean really? who makes up this crazy crap? I happen to smell like juniper something-or-other from bath and body.

  2. Värlôc says:

    Smell is a way of camouflage and attraction. Why the hell would we smell like dead meat, which is of neither characteristics. For one, that repels prey due to various instincts. Second, how remote is it that you’ll go into the woods and smell rotten meat? Very remote.

    These myths are a bunch of baloney and rubbish that originated from the film industry of America and Europe.

  3. Yocelynn says:

    i know for a fact that a werewolf does not smell nasty in any kind of way, they smell very good actually, it attracts me, but honestly for a human you will have to get very up close and personal to a werewolf in order to smell them…

  4. Duhhhhhh says:

    Werewolves and vampires do not exist. Those things are just myths. People are only lying when they say they’re werewolves or vampires.

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