It may seem true to many that a werewolf is able to control his “curse” and manipulate it upon will, i.e. meditation; this is false -a myth. A werewolf in human form or in werewolf form is unable to control his transformation in either direction (to become a werewolf or to return to a human state); when the werewolf is fully transformed into the evil being that he is he no longer has control over his self. The “self” he had in human form is completely unaware of what he is when transformed, he no longer posses any memory of being human and vice versa. To help one better understand why this is true you must realize that when a werewolf is in his “animal” state he must be able to recall that he was once a human, a human with emotions, a normal life, a soul, one who is able to enjoy the human pleasures of life; while some may believe this is possible it simply is not true. A werewolf (in animal form) will never realize that that  he is (sometimes) human, if he cannot realize that he was once human then he cannot change back to human, the reverse is true here too.

My second point is specifically directed toward the actual meditation process. Meditation is a technique used to gain heightened mental awareness or thoughts, causing the subject to, in most cases, reduce the stress level. Mediation, being in the mind, does not have any clear physical effects on the body, other than the long term reduction of stress that might show a difference when one is to “age.” I must make clear that one cannot meditate to transform “yourself” into another physical being – this is a myth; transformation cannot be controlled by the werewolf himself.