Werewolf names around the world

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It’s kind of weird that almost every country has a word for werewolf. Here’s a list of names that werewolves are called in different parts of the world…wolf names around the world…

Croatia: vukodlak
Spain: hombre lobo
Portugal: lobis-homems / lob omen
Estonia: vironsusi / libahunt
Argentina: Lobison
Brazil: lobisomem
Italy: lupo manaro
Mexico: nahual / hombre lobo
France: loup garoux
Albania: oik
Armenia: mardagayl
Denmark / Sweden / Norway: Varulv
Greece: lycanthropos
Bulgaria: varkolak
Turkey: kurtadam
Netherlands: weerwolf
Lithuania: vilkolakis / vilkatlakis
Serbia / Bosnia: vukodlak / вукодлак
Russia: vourdalak / оборотень
Poland: wilkołak
Catalonia: home llop
Finland: ihmissusi / vironsusi

Check out more on werewolf names here. It mostly has other names that werewolves go by in English.

Or generate your werewolf name with the name generator



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  1. pklett92 says:

    Sorath my friend…Ive come across something big…We’ll talk.

  2. Lunar says:

    -palm to face-
    @Sorath “Rayne” Coraxo:
    It doesn’t appear ir will does it..

  3. hmm.. you deliver to fruition some fascinating concepts. Thanks for your novel take on this topic.

  4. Rishima says:

    My wolf name is Rishima Woolsey… but doesnt say wether im good or bad? can anyone help me with this? 🙂 thanks

  5. Shadow Hunter says:

    It’s who you are. If you are bad, your wolf will be bad. If you are good, your wolf will be good. (:

  6. monica says:

    i found somthaing relly relly relly BIG its furry not big anofe to be a bear

  7. Bar says:

    @monica: What do you think it might be?

  8. AzimLumas says:

    hey im new to the whole alpha thing and my packs brand new to this life so if there are any alphas out there that can lend some advice i’d be happy to hear it

  9. kate says:

    hey im a alpha and im also new to this werewolf sight.

  10. lycanlover12 says:


  11. wolfgirl says:

    where does all those packs come from?

  12. Anna Christian says:

    What about Sarah?

  13. If all you guys like werewolfs than read seasons of the moon series freakin amazing series about werewolfs

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