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In a recent poll done at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, a number of teen stars were interviewed to see who they would prefer to be werewolf or vampire. Of the 4 people that were asked – only one of them picked werewolf. The other three picked vampires.

Which is interesting, because if you extrapolate this out across the population, and take into account humans that would prefer to be neither…you’ll find that the vast majority of humans would prefer to be a vampire over a werewolf.

Which leads me to the next question that was asked of me by a human – would a werewolf prefer to be werewolf or vampire? Which is an interesting question, but almost ridiculously easy to answer. Werewolves prefer to be werewolves. Very very few would opt to be vampires instead. There are however a number of vampires that would prefer to be werewolves.



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9 Responses

  1. Arisu wolfrunner says:

    Hail all,

    I agree,I would prefer to be a werewolf rather than a vampire

  2. Smiley says:

    I think I understand that, though. I mean, with all the media showing glamorous pictures of stunning vampires, the werewolves are always pushed into the wings. Turning into a furry wolf isn’t exactly beautiful. I always thought that werewolves would make better characters. They feel regret the day after the full moon, and if it’s danger that fans are after, I think werewolves are more… dangerous.

    I’d still prefer to be human, though. Good times.

  3. Team Edward says:

    I disagree, vampires are faster than werewolfs and it would be easier to get away. I think werewolfs would want to be a vampire. If you read Breaking Dawn in the Twilight series Jacob went with vampires rather than werewolfs.

    Vampires roooooooooooockkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jacob Black doesn’t exist.Vampires doesn’t sparkle,they can’t control their blood lust and they aren’t faster than werewolves.Werewolves are free,wild creatures and would never hang out with vampires unless they want to be bitten in the butt.Which can be painful and the term ‘Don’t try this at home’ was invented for a reason.

  5. WEREWOLVES ROCK!!! vampires are just bloodsucking hippies who like the dark werewolves will all ways be better then those bloodsuckes and werewolves are faster stronger and bigger and why would any one be alegict to galic that’s just wierd and including that wolves are my favorite animal and werewolves have a soul vampire are like zombies but smarter and who wants to walk around in a rotting dead body with no soul that was created by the Devin and he evil so werewolves have a soul and there not demons that worship the devil so werewolves will always be better top that bloodsucking demons werewolves RULE!!

  6. And twilight is retarted I am a werewolf girl vampires are stupid and werewolves rule!!!!:):):):)

  7. Lee Ann says:

    That’s offensive to tarts everywhere…

  8. I did not mean it like that but werewolves are always better!!!!

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