Werewolf Paw Shoes

An artist named Bob Basset out of the Ukraine is an expert leather craftsman, and has imagined a really cool concept for (werewolf) shoes. His creation is the leather paw shoes which are amazingly realistic looking. The shoes, crafted of leather, have claws coming out from the toe area, and a sole that resembles a paw so that when you walk you leave werewolf tracks. Check them out on his website! Bob Basset.

werewolf paw shoes

werewolf paw shoes side view

werewolf shoes



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6 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    lol i want these, they are are cool. lol

  2. Fangsharpner says:

    i so want those it will go great with mi costume

  3. DarkWolfAlyssa says:

    Heh awesome.

  4. Jeremy Keen says:

    Were can I get one of those? how much are they?

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