werewolf picture or dead bear?

Real werewolf picture? Unfortuanlty I could not find much information on these two pictures of a supposed werewolf.

This werewolf is said to have been found by somebody in the area, they did not kill it.

Claims are that it looks like a werewolf, others say it was just a wild animal, maybe a bear.

werewolf picture

werewolf picture

Another picture of the “werewolf” from a different angle.

werewolf picture

werewolf picture

I can’t say if these photos are real or not, they do look fake. And if they are real it could be a wild animal, I thought the resemblance to the stereotypical werewolf was worth sharing…



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633 Responses

  1. matt says:

    Arild, varför är du här? Jag håller med dig, det är bara en björn. :p

  2. Katey says:

    it is obviosly NOT a bear at all!that is totaly a werewolf

  3. vet tech says:

    based on the body, and the dentition, its a large cat, mountain lion/bob cat. the body on its back looks just like a shaved cat thats about to under go surgery(its exactly what they look like when tied to the table), and the teeth specifically the maxilary canines(the upper sharp teeth) come in more at an angle in dogs than cats, if anything, its WERECAT

  4. the black wolf says:

    honestly i think someone put it there because the guys taking pics got so close, i surely wouldnt get that close dead or not!!! plus if it was natural i would agree with vet tech

  5. ElkMaster says:

    It is clear I will never use that vet. I have hunted bear is Montana and surrounding states for 15 yrs. This picture is clearly of a slightly bloated 3 – 5 yr old phase black bear.
    Bears have the creapy distiction of resembling a human corbs when skined. I have seen more than one of these seens is real life. A griz has killed a Black bear or a juvile brown bear. It is common.

  6. ROAR says:

    It’s surely a werewolf because bears do not have such fierce teeth [email protected]@!!

  7. olivia says:

    Totally a werewolf! Me + my friend r werewolves. Cool, right? +, I’ve studied these creatures, defiantly werewolf! TTYS!

  8. olivia says:

    @Olivia .A. Owen: Totally a werewolf! Me + my friend r werewolves. Cool, right? +, I’ve studied these creatures, defiantly werewolf! Email me! *edited*

  9. amanda says:

    it is a werewolf cause a bear doesnt look that way n if it did that would be a seriously f***** up lookin bear

  10. Argharna Welyn says:

    @ILiekPizza: its a bear

  11. Argharna Welyn says:

    how do i put up a picture of a wolf after i post a comment?

  12. First,of all I am not sure if werewolves are real.I am not saying that their not real…I am just saying i am not sure.Well….I have got a story to tell you!!There was this girl in my school named Kaylee Lukawitz,and she thought she was a werewolf!?I dont know why,but her mom thought her dad put that in her head and called him a phsyco path and when to court an told the judge that…So thn Kaylee didnt see her dad for a year or two..So do you really want to know what she did?!She threatend her mother that she was going to kill her..She tried to but her mom called called the cops on her.They came and asked her mom if she had any disorders.She said NO!So thn Kalees mom packed her stuff and let her move With her dad!Then her mom moved!Thank GOD!BECAUSE THEY WERE MY NEIGHBORS!

  13. @vet tech: U are right i think that is a werewolf

  14. anonymous says:

    tHAT IS WAY TO FAT FOR A WERWOLF. Whatever it is, it couldn’t be a bear. Who knows, scientists could always do crazy dumb things.

  15. By the fur colour its a werewolf, bears do not have grey fur they have brown. Bears dont have teeth like that there to sharp,and werewolfs teeth are slightley more yellow then that. The long neck and musles includeing his biseps, bears also dont have black claws, also its claws cant be long enough. Im a werewolf so i should know what it looks like.

  16. steven says:

    ok one that animal is more muscular than a bear i should know and two it’s not a bear because of the fact that the snout is to long and also it’s not a werewolf because the front arm length is to short it’s niether a bear nor werewolf

  17. she wolf says:

    Im not sure about to comment what the hell is this creature. But for me if this is a werewolf it doesn’t have a fat tummy and werewolves have a flat chest similar to that a man and slim arms. Similar of an anthro drawing if anyone is a member of deviant art here.

  18. Michael says:

    She Wolf you have your reality mixed up with fantasy. A werewolf would not have a flat chest similar to that of a man. The human body would transform and protions of the body ie, bones, organs, etc would expand from a man’s size chest to the shape of a wolfs chest to accomodate for the larger size heart and lungs. The chest would grow to allow for the larger size heart and lungs that is necessary of a large animal to be able to pump enough oxygen and blood to the massive body. Which by doing so the chest expands making the stomach smaller and not fat as suggested.

  19. she wolf says:

    Sorry but I just saw a drawing of my classmate on her sketch pad. And thats how it looks like or maybe thats just an error to her drawing. I’ll ask her on monday.

  20. she wolf says:

    Hey! I’ve asked her and the drawing I saw was part of her manga (even though she’s a filipino).

    The manga that she was doing was a werewolfy story titled “The Wolves Moon”. The story centers around a girl who has a werewolf sealed inside her.

    The picture that I saw was like that because when she transforms. A visible red cloak appears and it is called stage 1.

    Then if the cloak gets thicker , it becomes more solid and her appearance changes. She is already a red violet-black wolf with a head of a human. Its eyes are round and white like a blind person. It also has a concave mouth that was lined by a white line. This is called stage 2.

    Then bones come out but this only acts as a shield. Then muscle tissues start to grow nxt is fur and the eyes were not round anymore instead it will become a humans eye with a sharp look and her left eye is yellow and her right is red.

    Her chest is flat like a human because she never expands her bones/portions of her body and remember, she only uses the were’s body as a replacement to her body incase she’s injured.

    That’s it for now. I have my reasons now why I described a werewolf like that.
    That’s it for now. I already

  21. That, my friends is a dead cougar you can see the tail in the water and the anus is more a cat than a wolf or a human. The body is not fat or muscular, (this is gross) it’s full of maggots and decaying organs not to mention water. Also the neck muscles are Catlike. The arms of this cougar have decaying joints so they look anthropomorphic, and the skin has tightened up on the face and paws and the paw webbing has decayed so the “werewolf” looks like it has fingers.

    The face actually has a shorter snout. Also the jaws are Catlike. The teeth are not a werewolf or a bear they look like a big cats from animal planet. Also the legs are too Catlike.

    • SCREMIN says:

      yeah that’s a mountain lion the fur fades to that colour and it looks like its been pretty poorly skinned probably tormented before it died and definitely wasn’t a bear though bears keep the fat for a long time even when rotting in water in fact longer o account of the low temperatures

  22. Shannon says:

    In my opinion it looks more like a new species of cat like animal.

  23. bri says:

    well i did some research i am aware that this is an old fin but it has the teeth of a cat the body is like a large wolf the size around a bear so i would see why this is such thought of as a bear

  24. Katherin says:

    Hi… I saw this on pintrist. Decomposing Bear. Having saw one before, it looked like this. My Guess: It’s been dead for 24-72 hrs. If the temp is in the 50’s and the water is cold, then closer to seventy two hrs.

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