werewolf picture or dead bear?

Real werewolf picture? Unfortuanlty I could not find much information on these two pictures of a supposed werewolf.

This werewolf is said to have been found by somebody in the area, they did not kill it.

Claims are that it looks like a werewolf, others say it was just a wild animal, maybe a bear.

werewolf picture

werewolf picture

Another picture of the “werewolf” from a different angle.

werewolf picture

werewolf picture

I can’t say if these photos are real or not, they do look fake. And if they are real it could be a wild animal, I thought the resemblance to the stereotypical werewolf was worth sharing…



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633 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    its a bear no doubt about it.

    • Name says:

      it is a werewolf no doubt about cause ive been face to face with a dead bear and thats no dead bear definetly a werewolf poor thing

  2. justin bieber lover says:

    tht is so cool but is tht pic real

  3. Hachina says:

    It doesn’t look real, since the mouth obviously looks superimposed…

  4. Raynne_Drop says:

    there’s no way it can be a bear. their chests arent that thick, their bodies arent shaped like that at all. why would its fur be shed off like that? its not a bear…but werewolf sounds so much like a fantasy..i honestly dont believe they are real.

  5. noel says:

    that is a werewolf ,because a bear has a short snout ,this has a long snout .

    • randi says:

      actually u r wrong because that thing doesn’t even have a snout cause it looks like the snout or face or both was violently ripped off so its not a bear and its not a werewolf because then it would be in its human form so if u wanna know then i say let the scientists investigate it and they will tell on the news or something dang

  6. Reaper says:

    srry, i can’t help myself but STAGED BODY

  7. derek says:

    bear, its rotting. photographers liked it so they took pictures at angles.

  8. kristy says:

    to small for a bear to big to be a dog it could be a werewolf but im unsure

  9. pklett92 says:

    werewolves change back to their human form once they have died is what i heard.

  10. Elva says:

    I have done my own research, and I do believe that it could be a werewolf, HOWEVER, look at the comparison between the short legs and the body. The paws, too, as shown in the first picture, are also like that of a bear. This leads me to conclude that this is most likely a bear.

  11. Lukesf2 says:

    that looks a lot like a costume i saw in wal-mart a few days ago…

    don’t think its a werewolf and it looks kinda fake…

    its absolutely not a bear either no bear looks like that

    so the conclusion is its a man in a suit or just a suit filled up with fuzz

    but also if you look closely you can see a slight miss-render perhaps they made this on photoshop?

    more on that idea you can also see the water current through its skin and also its floating at different depths in each picture

    so i conclude its either a man in a suit a stuffed suit or a well done photoshop render with a few errors

  12. Whitetip says:

    Cant be werewolf… We go back human when we die.

  13. lee ann says:

    lmao I dunnno wat it is but its pretty damn ugly I dont even know why im on here lol

  14. bornwerewolf says:

    lol it looks ugly but it is either photoshopped, or its a suit because no animal in the world looks like that unles it was taken in the dinosaur age i mean us werewolves turn into wolves not some big hairy chubaca that is in the river!!

  15. kevman says:

    dude it is a bear it is shaped different and the hair is off because of decomposision so duh and none of you can turn into a werewolf you can only pretend turn into a werewolf. a werewolf to me is someone who has a certain adrenelin burst with different emotion anger, fear, and happiness and are born with good hearing or good eyesight or a good sense of smell things like that and everybody has it they just have not tapped into it yet or dont need to. so there

  16. Lukesf2 says:

    lol we can do a h-shift alright but its not fun in any way whatsoever and you wont want to h-shift ever again if you manage it

    this is a answer to the question bornwerewolf never asked or never ment to ask

  17. llyon says:

    agree with kevman, the decomp of it…. and i assume its in cold water, would have striped the fur off the poor dead bear…. but its a nice pic

  18. name1 says:

    guys its a bear
    its obviously a little thin which is probably what killed it and hair comes off a dead body pretty fast when its in the water
    this is just the mauntak (dont know how the hell its spelled) monster all over again
    i highly doubt its fake due to the coloration of the skin and the shot of its mouth
    the hairs kind of patchy but that could be due to mange or more likely it died in the spring since there are fishermen in the background and it was shedding its winter fur

  19. zach says:

    is anybody on

  20. Reaper says:

    any one on?

  21. Reaper says:

    didn’t think so

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