werewolf picture or dead bear?

Real werewolf picture? Unfortuanlty I could not find much information on these two pictures of a supposed werewolf.

This werewolf is said to have been found by somebody in the area, they did not kill it.

Claims are that it looks like a werewolf, others say it was just a wild animal, maybe a bear.

werewolf picture

werewolf picture

Another picture of the “werewolf” from a different angle.

werewolf picture

werewolf picture

I can’t say if these photos are real or not, they do look fake. And if they are real it could be a wild animal, I thought the resemblance to the stereotypical werewolf was worth sharing…



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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633 Responses

  1. gingervamp says:

    btw, im not goth or punk or emo, and honestly, i have never seen dracula (gasp)

  2. gingervamp says:

    ok, take that back, you WERE being rude, you were insulting us, and now you are trying to take it back without saying so

  3. gingervamp says:

    not cool, you should at least apologize, then maybe i wont think your another poser, but i probably still will

  4. gingervamp says:

    but right now, your a poser, who is lying about being a werewolf and about being raised in a community, and i really dont think your 40, or you would have better things to do than insult ppl half as young as you. gtg 4 2night

  5. Michael says:

    Vamp your questions were rude and insulting so I replied back with the same kind of questions. I am no poser, yes I am 40 and its obvious that most of you are all teenagers or young wet behind the ears kids who either just got out of high school and in transition to go off to college for the first time.

    I really dont give a damn if you believe me to be a werewolf or not. And yes when I was in high school in the 80s before it was even called goth, emo or whatever you kids call it these days in my days it was just known as punk for spiked colored hair, biker jackets, chain wallets, listening to the Ramones and the sex pistols. My generation when we wore all that stuff we were rebeling against everything our parents stood for. Nowadays with you younger generation its just a style of fashion.
    And yes I did have permenant adult teeth that were true canine teeth until a dentist ruined one of the teeth after he ground it down flat. And yes I do tend to eat meat more rare on full moons than I normally would. And yes Ive been in the community a lot longer than you think Ive been a practicing witch since the age of 13 beings I was born on friday the 13th. But I dont need to defend myself to you or anyone else for that matter I dont live my life based on what you say or think. Plus Ive served in my country’s military in the First Gulf War protecting your civil rights while you were in diapers or before you were born.

    Im tired of people who come onto this chat forum and question those who feel they either have a kindred spirit or interest in the paranormal life and community and call us all names for what we beleieve. And how many of you have gone bear hunting and killed a bear? Raise your hands if you even have a glue what a dead bear loks like? I lived in Colorado where hunting elk and bear is common and I have killed my share of both and no dead bear even looks like that not even if it has mange. Plus when I was in college I did a disertation on unsolved crimes and it helps when your dad was a cop and he gave me access to some unsolved crimes/murders of people who were mauld by an animal. And none of the teeth or bite marks even resemble anything that matches a typical animal not a wolf, coyote, bear, escape lion, etc. So what else could these humans, and cattle been attacked by huh? So yes I did my research far more than you know into the werewolf. Including the Beast of Gevaudon.

  6. Lee Ann says:

    Very well put, though I wish it had been me that had said it! Awkward hand raise by the way for Canadian country living

  7. well i have to say that im a REAL werewolf and i think i pic is real too.

  8. gingervamp says:

    1 what i said was not rude insulting, you took it too personally and in a sensitive way. 2 you address us as kids these days and younger generation, NO adult i know talks like that, which is why you are as old as any of us. 3 you do not transform therefore you are not a werewolf, maybe you have the disease, you are a poser, you are a wannabe, or you just dont know, so you say you are a werewolf. 4 you do not belong and have never belonged to a community, or you would have said something before i did, indicating that you didnt get the idea from me. 5 you are clearly not an adult, goth is not the same a punk or emo, normal adults would have better things to do than hang around on a teens’ site for chatting like having a job, if you really are 40 thats just sad. 6 you were rude to all of us, and no excuses will fix the impression you had left on us

    conclusion: you are a sad poser/wannabe who wants to be 40 years old and has nothing better to do than sit behind his computer all day, you clearly dont have very many friends on this site and is attempting to pick fights with the people who prove him wrong

  9. sonja says:

    thats a bear carcass.

  10. sonja says:

    its body is in water hence the appearance. the teeth/skull is that of a bear. if you are unsure, check out the animals front paw, clearly visible in the picture/ under the water. its also that of a bear. if the body had been flipped over, and a photo taken, you would clearly without doubt be looking at a bears carcass.
    im guessing the reason behind the questioning is due to what you can see, being upside down half submerged in water and the skin and fur is no longer in tact due to state of decay and or the conditions in which it rests etc.

  11. brentadams says:


  12. isaiah crow says:

    i beilive in wherewolfs even though im still a lil ify i still beivile

  13. Stephen bats says:

    A really good fake

  14. KCWolf24 says:

    Bear. Dentition and leg structure are ursine, the hair loss is due to waterlogging, which speeds up decomp considerably.

    On a side note, this is the first time I’ve visited this website and I don’t think I’ll be back… how many fucked up people are here claiming lycanthropy on the grounds of body hair and a taste for meat? or even wierd teeth? I am literally covered in thick black body hair from head to toe. I enjoy a rare steak from time to time. Those things mean i went through puberty, not that I’m a werewolf. Werewolves change shape… that is the definition of the word werewolf. Fuckin freaks.

    So, I remain hopeful but skeptical of all things paranormal. If you are a werewolf or vampire, prove it.

  15. ... says:

    i think im a werewolf cause one night i saw my hands in fur and like hands that were huge with long sharp nails. plus dont remember much from that. not 1st time its happened

  16. ... says:


    just found out im a werewolf

  17. mister tiny guy says:

    it is not real

  18. ... says:

    you never know but im a real werewolf that i can tell you

  19. Kane says:

    Bahahahahahaha! Omg people thinking the interpritation of Lycanthropy is being hairy and eating meat hahaha get a life people….. werewolf is someone who goes through a metamorphic tranfromation from human to wolf or half wolf depending on whatever a werewolf looks like ;D

  20. ILiekPizza says:

    Its a bear.

    When a body (specially a dead one) is exposed to water for prolonged periods of time, the osmosis eventually kills the cells. Hair dies and detatches from the body. As the layers of skin decay they begin separating from one another and begin peeling from the body as well.

    One time a penguin died and fell into the ocean. It washed up on shore and was thought to be a monster because it went through this process.

  21. Look iknow for fact that is not a bear cause of its appearence niot cause its hailess but its fairly to large to be a bear its body image clearly shows its big boneded its teeth are not even close to a bears mouth its larger jaw is out out more than anything id ever seen yeah i may be young but i can see thats it defintily closer to werewolf than a bear it could not be netheirn of them who knows but its possible more thasn anything its damn close to body figure(werewolf)

  22. Filche says:

    The few things to clarify that is not a bear:

    – the fierce teeth
    – the physique of the dead animal
    – the head
    – the arm of dead animal (bear’s arm are shorter)

  23. me and kamryn are werewolfs ask aaliyah on facebook

  24. piip4 says:

    Holy hell man, you people are stupid, that’s just a bear.

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