Werewolf blog upgrades 2010

A werewolf podcast?!

Headed into the new year we have some new projects we are working on for I Love Werewolves that we hope will make your experience a better one.

Be on the look out for the ilovewerewolves.com podcast. We are updating and posting most posts into an audio podcast format so that if you don’t have time to read each post you can subscribe to the podcast and listen on your own time, and then come back to interact with the rest of the werewolf community. There will be some posts that will be strictly on the podcasts so don’t miss out on those.

To find the podcast there will be a link within each post or you can subscribe to the main podcast feed which will be located on the main page.

We are also considering new colors for the website, a new theme, or just some cool new stuff to look at while you are here. We are interested in expanding the database of werewolf information and will be working on it throughout the year too. We will also be talking more about werewolves, vampires, and zombies!

Give us some suggestions and comments! and Subscribe to the werewolf podcast!

2010 will be an even better year for all werewolves and everyone else within the community of werewolves… thank you  to all who visit, contribute, participate, share, and help others…


Find the werewolf (ilovewerewolves.com) podcast in i-tunes. Search werewolves or follow this link…

podcast in i-tunes. You can also subscribe through feedburner on the main ILW page… feedback is welcome!



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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31 Responses

  1. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    cool sounds awsome

  2. it will be getting better… let us know what topics you guys and (girls) want covered, talked about, or mentioned!

  3. Jay says:

    how about chronic werewolf scrutiny and the ever popular belief that were stupid animals that can’t tell the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.

  4. Jay says:

    Also maybe a brief touch on cohabitation with humans and nonhumans.

  5. Great topics!
    We will def cover…

  6. feel free to leave us feedback from the podcast, or anyhting elses here….

  7. Jay says:

    how about we have an open chat channel were we can just talk so we don’t have to search for posts

  8. Suki Foxx says:

    they did im not shure if they still do

  9. I gotta few suggestions: Werewolf-human relationships, Werewolf-vampire relationships, and Finding a Mate.

  10. MT Werewolf, good topics…

    ill cover relationships soon…

  11. Thanks. I gotta know how to do with my girlfriend, who is a vampire. You know how it is.

  12. My bad, deal with her, especially her family.

  13. That friday the 13th post, paraskevidekatria is spelled wrong.

  14. It’s spelled wrong? Ill let Buddy know… thank you.

  15. yeah (THANK GOD FOR MRS. GREEN!!!!)

  16. My werewolf buddies noticed you and Buddy did the writing. They told me to ask you, Werewolf967, if, in the future, you would let others post. I personally dont care because I have 2 blogs, but they begged me to ask. They spent a lot of time planning this plan. They’re timid, but sharp. Please answer so they can shut up about it.

  17. MT Werewolf,
    We will consider the idea as possible changes for 2010… … we’ll see.. thank you for the ideas…

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