werewolf purgatory

There is a period before transformation where the weighted one will be caught in a purgatory. You will be caught in a state of extreme mental suffering, and at times physical pain. This purgatory is temporary and a rite of passage for the human who will soon transform into a werewolf. The purgatory is normally within two days of transformation, most times it is the day of your transformation. The period of this state is not consistent, it could last merely seconds, sometimes minutes, extreme cases you could be stuck in this state for hours. In this state time seems to stand still, all that was happening is now happening at a slower pace, the pain that was once disappearing is now lingering, the breeze that just whipped by your face is now an endless breeze. Seemingly time will stand still, or more commonly slow down. Perhaps the most amazing is the rain, rain will freeze in it’s falling state, not ice freezing, but pausing on it’s way to the earth, drapes of drops. Some make it a point to transform during a storm to experience this moment of bliss. Are these moments your hallucinations? Possibly, there are no proven accounts to this purgatory state because most times the weighted one will never remember this stage. It takes exercise of the mind to remember the entire transformation, it takes practice. But the weighted human (werewolf in human state) must beware, the state of transformation of purgatory will have negative effects. Evil will jingle through the body, evil will try to triumph over your mind, the weighted one must remain in control to transcend an evil transformation.

warning signs are here, it is up to us to take control and not be controlled.



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  1. shadowling says:

    i am

  2. What’s up. I heard your dilema.

  3. NaTiVe DaRk WoLf TaYlOr says:

    if this artical is corect then i should be changing soon. verry soon.

  4. John says:

    How do you become a were wolf

  5. John says:

    Can you control yourself when you are a were wolf

  6. Armand says:

    Hello what’s happening?

  7. NaTiVe DaRk WoLf TaYlOr says:

    hi. wolves can most of the time we remane in control …. and becoming a werewolf is difficult… it can be painfull…. and the methods are not safe…. only born wolves are true wolves.
    hi armand.

  8. Marie Flores says:

    I’m Marie and I’m new here,me and my love are not what you say normal we been alive for many year and In many lifetimes and on this lifetime we met and found each other once again we come from a land called Babylon long ago we are in hiding I was haunted down by a man called Caesar we weren’t wanted and still aren’t we are really nice people and have a family we don’t both no one we change only on full moon but its not like how the movies make us look like no our eyes change color and our teeth are sharp we eat alot of meat and we have alot of rage on full moon but otherwise we are a normal people like you human and at the time for war we fight on the side of god and no other he was the one that’s created us and he’s the one will fight for.so no we’re not like the movies.

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