Werewolf quiz

Werewolf Quiz B

  • Question #2. There are other names for the “werewolf”, do you know what any of them are?

The main name you’ll often here used in conjuction with werewolf is the term “lycanthrope”. If you look lycanthrope up in the dictionary it says it means one who can transform from human to wolf and vice versa. People who believe they can shape shift are sometimes given the mental illness termed “lycanthropy”. You might also hear werewolves referred to as turnskins, or turncoats. In the movie Underworld, the race of werewolves are referred to as “Lycans”.

Another term people sometimes use when talking about werewolves is “shapeshifter”. Shapeshifter is a broad term, referring not just to a werewolf (or person that turns into a wolf), but can be used to refer to a person that turns into ANY kind of animal! Also, if you add the term “were” (which means man) before an animal name, it basically signifies a shapeshifter of that animal…for example, you can sometimes read of reference not only to the werewolf, but also to the weredog, wereleopard, werecat, werebear, etc. The term “skin-walker” is another term for a human which can shape-shift into an animal.



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  1. Lmk says:

    People don’t get it sun annoys vamps not burn them. And wooden stacks are used to parilize them silver stacks kill them.

  2. Lmk says:

    Oh did I say older sis I mean younger sis

  3. FlameStrikes says:

    @JoeLupe uh… no i was just curious on what would happen

  4. JoeLupe says:

    @FlameStrike ok I hope you have a good day and enjoy your research! Lol!

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