Werewolf quiz

Werewolf Quiz B

  • Question #2. There are other names for the “werewolf”, do you know what any of them are?

The main name you’ll often here used in conjuction with werewolf is the term “lycanthrope”. If you look lycanthrope up in the dictionary it says it means one who can transform from human to wolf and vice versa. People who believe they can shape shift are sometimes given the mental illness termed “lycanthropy”. You might also hear werewolves referred to as turnskins, or turncoats. In the movie Underworld, the race of werewolves are referred to as “Lycans”.

Another term people sometimes use when talking about werewolves is “shapeshifter”. Shapeshifter is a broad term, referring not just to a werewolf (or person that turns into a wolf), but can be used to refer to a person that turns into ANY kind of animal! Also, if you add the term “were” (which means man) before an animal name, it basically signifies a shapeshifter of that animal…for example, you can sometimes read of reference not only to the werewolf, but also to the weredog, wereleopard, werecat, werebear, etc. The term “skin-walker” is another term for a human which can shape-shift into an animal.



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609 Responses

  1. Arcanthrine says:

    I’m pretty confident that I’m a werewolf. Again, Arcanthring is my NAME.

  2. nightwolf says:

    @arcanthrine:isnt that a pokemon?and welcome to the site
    @vampire1235: welcome to the site

  3. Mary says:

    yo i never really cared for pokemon. they jut never really intrested me

  4. Lycanhope says:

    Ditto, I was always a Digimon fan. At least they TRIED to make sense.
    But it’s Arcanine btw (don’t judge me, I hear things)

  5. nightwolf says:

    @lycanhope: your a digimon fan? wait old digimon or the new ones….and i stopped watching both so idk im just saying it sounds like it

  6. Josie Thew says:

    Just my opinion guys, but pokemon SUCKS.I MEAN IT!!!

    sorry guys just felt i should share that thought…. please don’t be cross with me :3

  7. kayla says:

    pokemon rocks!!!i watch it every day!!!

  8. roger says:

    yeah pokemon rocks i watch it every day 2

  9. duke says:

    yeah its arcanine and i love pokemon!!!

  10. wolf108 says:

    i think me and my freind are werewolfs and we will kill you if you are fakeing to be a were wolf

  11. wolf1d says:

    hi i think am an werewolf

  12. Josie Thew says:

    @wolf108: Is that a threat?? ‘Cause I would have plenty of wolf packs to back me up. Oh and i’m also alpha female so….

  13. Josie Thew says:

    @wolf1d: Good for you!!! Being a werewolf is AWESOME!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOUR’E ALPHA!!!!

  14. chocopuffsrule says:

    what up im positive im a werewolf and i can onder stand my dog

  15. ethel says:

    I think i am a werewolf alpha thats asume can u help me with some advice please i wil tel u my hole storry

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @ethal” First of all, you can’t “think” you’re a werewolf alpha. It’s kinda obvious, you know, cause people are following you.

    But sure, go ahead with your story and I’ll see if I can help.

  17. alpha says:

    If you are one of my kind ill do what wi can to help you out the best thing to do is call me my phone number is 559/906/9653

  18. Lycanhope says:

    Why does everyone on the Internet give out personal information like it’s free candy?
    If I could be bothered with the phone bill, I’d call these people up just to shout out them about how stupid they are.

  19. gabster says:

    im not a were wolve but i pretend to be

  20. Lycanhope says:

    @gabster: An honest roleplayer? Well that’s a pleasant change, you’re alright with me.

  21. Alexis says:

    I love pokemon so much that for my birth day I wanted a box made out of pokemon booster boxes

  22. Alexis says:

    I’m a physical werewolf shifter

  23. Gabrielwolf2012 says:

    @Alexis: I invite you to the chat room at “www.ilovewerewolves.com/games/chat” To have a conversation about what you just said lol.

  24. Shade says:

    How can one only think they are a wolf? If you are one. Then you know you are one. I am a wolf that hunts the night itself. I submit myself, only to the moon. For She is my only Queen, and I an Alpha under her care.

  25. phoenix says:

    hello friends i have arrived

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