The werewolf safe house, probably the safest place the werewolf could be in the event of an emergency. Many of you might not have heard about this particular escape for the werewolf so lets go over a few things about the house.

werewolf safe house

First, what is a werewolf safe house?
This is a secure location, typically a small house or cabin, for a werewolf to escape normal life in the event of an emergency at the normal living quarters.

Some werewolves are constantly being tracked by humans or hunters! This secured location will give the werewolf a destination in the event he/she is being chased out of the city by unruly and evil humans. Furthermore, the house can be used as a destination for when transformations take place, most werewolves who have one will arrive the night before a transformation, the shelter will allow for some privacy while the moon takes ahold and the inevitable transformation occurs.

Where is it located?
Typically a house of this nature is located in a remote location probably in the country far away from humans. One of the best places to have one is deep in the woods, however, it is not uncommon to find one in plain sight on a farm. Many werewolves think that putting one in plain sight is less suspicious and therefore harder to find but this has never been proven. Typically you would like the privacy in case things get out of control, you know, with the shift.

There are locations in the city where you can find a secured spot. The city is much different than a country locale. Since many cities are becoming overcrowded with humans it is not unheard of to find that werewolves collaborate and share a safe house. However, there are risks involved when sharing a location that is supposed to be secure from humans.

How SAFE is a safe house?
Essentially the house will be a secure as you make it! If you have a remote location and have not told anybody about this location it will be more secure than one that werewolves other than yourself know about. The more weighted ones or even humans that you let aware of your spot (no matter how much you trust them) the less secure it becomes, pretty obvious but you would be surprised as to how many weighted ones cannot keep a secret.

For city dwellers that share a safe house… you should know that your location is probably already being monitored! A typical shared city safe house does not stay off the radar for long, it won’t be too long before a weighted one becomes a traitor and alerts the proper authorities of the location, and if that does not happen all of the traffic going in and out of that hot spot will soon become suspicious activity to the humans!

So… you have a safe house, or want one… what do you put in it? … What is next?? Stay tuned for my next post…