Last week, reports came in of a werewolf sighting in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Is this a real werewolf sighting, a hoax related to halloween, or merely a sighting of some other animal?

The Sighting
According to, a local resident reported sighting the creature at 10:05pm in Woodbridge, Viriginia.  The creature was spotted at Colchester Road and Randall Drive, and the sighting was confirmed by police:

“A coyote, or a werewolf,” said Prince William County police spokesman Jonathan Perok.

Was it a real werewolf?
It’s unclear at this point.  What may add some credence to the report is that the sighting occurred in a state and  somewhat near an area that is well-known for werewolf sightings – Henrico County, Viriginia.  Woodbridge, the location of the most recent sighting,  is located in Prince William County.  Both counties are in the eastern portion of the state of Viriginia – a mere two hour drive apart from one another.  Another part of the story which may give it some weight is that the sighter actually called the police.  It takes a hoaxer with alot of guts to call the police on something that is just made-up.

On the other hand, with Halloween less than two week away, some questions must be raised about the validity of the sighting.  It very well could possibly be a hoax by a local resident wanting to drum up some excitement and attention in his town.  Also, werewolves are well aware that halloween is approaching and know to take extra precaution to not be seen.  That a werewolf would let himself be seen so easily seems unlikely.  Before the sighting is completely ruled out as a hoax however, it should be noted that it can work the other way as well – because halloween is approaching, there are indeed more werewolves out…which will result in more sightings….a few of which may be real.  Is this one of the real ones?