Werewolf smoothie drink

Werewolf smoothie drink, for humans.

Planet Smoothie is offering a werewolf smoothie to customers and encouraging them to get their trademarked werewolf drink to celebrate the opening of the werewolf movie, The Wolfman.
I came across a tweet from the shoppe In Viera, FL that suggested the smoothie to celebrate. I agree, a nice smoothie before or even after the movie will help cool you down and give some time to think over and discuss the werewolf movie.

The Planet smoothie website shows the ingredients for the Werewolf smoothie drink as follows:

Strawberries,bananas, nonfat milk, vanilla, multivitamin blast

Check it out they say this smoothie has anti-oxidants, although if you are a werewolf more anti-oxidants might just make you stronger and will not cure your affliction.

Update: If you are interested in this drink I would suggest googling the website and finding a location you can visit because there is not a direct link to the Werewolf smoothie that I can send you to and if there is not a link to a werewolf I just don’t feel right aimlessly sending you to a homepage of a “non-werewolf-in general-website”… sorry for the inconvenience! If you do visit and get the werewolf smoothie tell them ILW sent you!  😉

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4 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    What is the vanilla used? is it the vanilla whey protien powder, or something else?

  2. ILiekPizza says:

    I always love a good strawberry banana smoothie. I would think its extract but when i get my hands on a blender I will definatly make one!

  3. WingedTotemBrat says:

    That sounds amazing

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