Werewolf Tattoo

Are you looking for a werewolf tattoo?  I’ve found several sites on the internet that have good werewolf drawings from which to base your tattoo. There are some websites that have some good pictures of wolves and werewolves. Many of the pictures depict wolves howling with a full moon behind them, some have just the wolf eyes, while only a few of them actually show a full body werewolf. Try searching tattoo artists in google to find tattoo shops that have horror tattoos – all of these pics are tattoos taht have already been drawn on someone’s arm, so it shows the finished product. Some of them – like the pinhead tattoo, the Jason tattoo, and the monster eyeball are very detailed. Good luck finding your werewolf tattoo!



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6 Responses

  1. john says:

    i like pik i wood of 1 in nty bt with the moon in back as it jumpin in the air off rock

  2. alpha female lone wolf says:

    hi john u still there

  3. Lee ann says:

    If I would ever get a tatoo It would probably something small and red.

  4. Benjamin says:

    this is a great site for werewolf and other tattoo ideas

  5. lonewolf123 says:

    Uhhh, no drrr? when i grow up, I think I’ll get a his and her tattoo with my wife of a wolfs face. that’d be awesome. but with my girlfriend right now, idk if that will happen.

  6. Deadly w says:

    Wow I love them but needs more wolf like

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