werewolf territory

What  happens if another werewolf enters your territory? Do you defend it? Do you ask questions? Do you invite the intruder in?

Werewolves are territorial. Is there an instinct that tells the werewolf who is a threat and who is not a threat? How do you determine who is a threat and who is not important?



If you step on my side I will let you know, if you don’t like my side just go back to where you belong.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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10 Responses

  1. SabreWind says:

    I honestly would invite any who would intrude first before anything. Some intruders mean no harm and the ones who are a threat will usually show signs pretty quickly after the invite.

  2. Dramund says:

    Yeah, you are friendly Sabre.

  3. llyon says:

    i give a fair warning to those who try to find me. don’t try you will get youself killed. i am a master killer and i was leader of several packs at one point. my skills go unmatched in Australia and i boast a very powerful bond with some of my friends in the packs i used to run.

  4. padfoot says:

    im glad were a few 1000 miles away from each other
    but then again…

  5. Whitetip says:

    We invite in others, if you are a were, you are my brother.

  6. Whitetip says:

    Im so glad today is resting day.

  7. Arisu says:

    There are no other werewolves where I live only evil,stroppy thuggish teens
    (sorry to all good-natured teens on this site).

  8. Being a leader is difficult. I was a governor for the Great Lakes Province of the U.R. I hated my job! I retired from that a year later. I then got a job as a Rogue Hunter. I had to track down werewolves who left the Republic and kill them. I have successfully killed over 2,500 rogues. I thank Master Greg, a ninja, for teaching me his ways. I’m now a talented bounty hunter. To all of you who think I’m spouting bullshit, you had better watch your back because I’m comin’ for you next!!

  9. All I’m gonna say is that if you step foot in my territory, I’ll give you a warning (“Hey! Back the hell up off my territory! This is MINE! Can’t you see my lines and smell my pee?”), then I’ll snarl, roar, growl, or whatever gets you to leave. If you still don’t go, I’ll try the confrontational approach and fight you. Unless I know you, if you see my territorial border, or smell my marking, just turn around and leave, because I’ll make your life a veritable hell if you try to cross into my territory.

  10. Darcia Dekáta says:

    I recently claimed territory around a small lake near my den. Since i am only a young werewolf…. With one vampire ally and one vampire-werewolf cross, this is exciting to me. There is no way I will tell you were it is. Just stay away. If you don’t trouble me, my allies and I will not trouble you.

    Darcia Dekáta (Sköll)

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