Werewolf transformation -Continues

Buddy and werewolf readers,

Now that the new year is here and I made it past the full moon without any confrontations I would like to ask you some more questions.

What you are saying is that the transformation begins at the core of the body but how is that possible? For the transformation to take place wouldn’t the heart and soul need to give in to the werewolf beast. I think that it would be necessary for the heart and soul to have to “give up” in order to continue or even to begin the process. The werewolf transforms during the full moon, so I cant think it’s possible for the transformation to be an infection, rather it is a “possession” of a sort.

Wouldn’t it be true, that in order for a possession to take place it would be from the heart or the soul?

Now I think you might say, “you can’t see this type of werewolf transformation,” but I believe you can in all characteristics of a living animals especially when we are talking about a human into a wolf or particularly -werewolf. Humans have a soul, does a werewolf have a soul? Wouldn’t the soul need to “leave” the human in order for him to transform into the werewolf?



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  1. werewolfdude123 says:

    uuuugh, we dont want your twilight cr*p here.just get stay away.NO ONE here likes twilight.its a disgrace to werewolfs and vampires.and same thing with teen wolf.uugh, stupid pile of fu**ing s**t.thats what teen wolf and twilightt are.

  2. Joseph says:

    if you born a werewolf you most first taste human blood once done the human that may have the gene will start to come one for starters lately im having insane fang pain that goes away then comes back over & over. once they get a taste of human blood their blood becomes tanted & their soul never passes on. some signs common with werewolves & vamps is that when becoming one their signs are about the same crave for meat blood and human foods make them feel sick as can be.

  3. Joseph says:

    just letting you know stake to the heart cant kill a vamp it kill a werewolf but never a vamp they dont fear holy water sunlight the holy cross but sun light can still hurt them 2 ways to kill them chop off their head or wood chipper. to kill a werewolf brain damage or heart damage will kill them. funny how some myths to kill stuff is far off

  4. Hunni says:

    um i quite like twilight its a good film but thats not what makes me interested in werewolves although the wolf graphics are awesomee !!!!

  5. Brianna says:

    Werewolves are stereotyped on being dog like, but the truth is that the stranger on the bus, the librarian. They look like humans and only act like wolves sometimes. I am sick and tired of all supernatural creatures being picked on and stereotyped because of Hollywood movies.

  6. Lycanhope says:

    @Brianna: The truth is spoken.

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