Werewolf Transformations

Werewolf Transformation Scenes! I know everyone is interested in seeing how a werewolf transforms…movies and TV shows have their own take on what happens during a werewolf transformation. Debated to be one of the best werewolf transformation scenes ever is the morphing scene from An American Werewolf In London. We’ve highlighted that transformation scene below. Anyway, to give you an idea of how it can happen…here is the AWIL morphing scene, as well as some of the other best werewolf transformation scenes we’ve found from movies and TV shows. Enjoy and feel free to recommend any that you like and want to see posted here! When you’re tired of seeing the videos, read about werewolf transformations in our blog!

An American Werewolf in London Transformation

New Moon Transformation:

The WolfMan Transformation:

Blood and Chocolate Werewolf Transformation scene

Howling Werewolf Transformation Scene

Monster Squad Werewolf Transformation Scene

The Movie Wolf Werewolf Transformation Scene

New Moon Transformation

Teen Wolf Werewolf Transformation Scene

Below is a Playlist of more werewolf transformation scenes!

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Playlist of werewolf scenes include:

Bad Moon Werewolf Transformation Scene

Monster Dog Werewolf Transformation Scene

Silver Bullet Werewolf Transformation Scene

The Company of Wolves Werewolf Transformation Scene

The Wolf Man Werewolf Transformation Scene

Being Human (TV)

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  1. Em. L. Formuzal says:

    Um…hey I know I’m gonna get yelled at by my superiors by leaking information, but there are actually 3 forms a werewolf could take form of. 1 a full wolf, these are usually the pure bloods: werewolf x werewolf mates, 2 more human like than wolf like, werewolf x human mates , or 3 ,more wolf like than human yet still in between, we are a weird society but please don’t hold that against us. We were taught this from a young age, I doubt you would find these on the internet. I hope I was of some use. Heads up, when you are on the verge of shifting and you are no where near woodlands , lock yourself and move anything that could break or tear out of the way and remove clothing then allow the transformation to occur.

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