Werewolf Transformations

Werewolf Transformation Scenes! I know everyone is interested in seeing how a werewolf transforms…movies and TV shows have their own take on what happens during a werewolf transformation. Debated to be one of the best werewolf transformation scenes ever is the morphing scene from An American Werewolf In London. We’ve highlighted that transformation scene below. Anyway, to give you an idea of how it can happen…here is the AWIL morphing scene, as well as some of the other best werewolf transformation scenes we’ve found from movies and TV shows. Enjoy and feel free to recommend any that you like and want to see posted here! When you’re tired of seeing the videos, read about werewolf transformations in our blog!

An American Werewolf in London Transformation

New Moon Transformation:

The WolfMan Transformation:

Blood and Chocolate Werewolf Transformation scene

Howling Werewolf Transformation Scene

Monster Squad Werewolf Transformation Scene

The Movie Wolf Werewolf Transformation Scene

New Moon Transformation

Teen Wolf Werewolf Transformation Scene

Below is a Playlist of more werewolf transformation scenes!

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Playlist of werewolf scenes include:

Bad Moon Werewolf Transformation Scene

Monster Dog Werewolf Transformation Scene

Silver Bullet Werewolf Transformation Scene

The Company of Wolves Werewolf Transformation Scene

The Wolf Man Werewolf Transformation Scene

Being Human (TV)

Looking for werewolf movies? What is a werewolf? Play werewolf games? Find Myths and Legends like the Kraken. Learn about Vampires too! Watch werewolf transformations scenes. Listen to our werewolf podcast! So much to do… might as well subscribe 😉

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  5. Ayeeee, i’m 19 and still a real werewolf bro. Over the years though i’ve manage to keep things a safe distance. WereWolves are real you just don’t know how until you become one.

  6. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Bushman* ^Alpha^ #Trainer# says:

    WereWolfHeRo, I am the Masked Warrior, nice to MEAT you, I will say nothing about me or my history other than I have more reasons then, some, to destroy some humans, but how are you? 🙂 (I’m not creepy at all since I’m younger than you) XD

  7. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Bushman* ^Alpha^ #Trainer#, Well it’s been quite some time sense my last endeavor on this site. How i was a kid trying to explain i was a real werewolf and i know that even though “me” just waiting some years to comment on here doesn’t prove anything it just shows how my spirit isn’t broken. I am a WereWolf. Some May Call Me Crazy, But Heck…. Their Right.

  8. lol also all these comments are total nonsense haha. why are people on here? why am i one here? short answer: I’m bored. Get a Life people.

  9. atoolred says:

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  10. Seth says:

    Might consider updating one day with the Hemlock grove Werewolf transformation. It would be a very nice addition.

  11. ddddd says:

    Are here any real werewolf that can chelp me became a real werewolf?

  12. ddddd says:

    Are here any real werewolf that can chelp me became a real werewolf?PLEASE

  13. ddddd says:

    can anyone help me to become a real werewolf

  14. Kevin says:

    @ddddd sorry I learned that the hard way, there isn’t any way to actually “become” a werewolf, it’s scientifically impossible. You can BE a werewolf, but you can’t BECOME a werewolf.

  15. Bluwolf says:

    hello there. To Kevin it is a way to become a werewolf but it will take time. I suggest you do your homework and research on how to.

  16. Kevin says:

    @Bluwolf only theorists and evolutionists believe that. But realists and even optimists believe that it’s impossible. Want to know why? Because it is. You cannot become a werewolf. No you cannot. You can BE a werewolf, but nothing more. I propose to you, to do your own research and stop calling lame shots when in actuality your argument is flawed and covered in theories. What proof do you have aside from suspicions and “it’s in real life so you must believe it?” Hm.. guess what? If it were in real life we’d have a separate world much like Teen Wolf. Try again.

  17. Kevin says:

    I am looking forward to your reply. I miss intelligent arguments. 🙂

  18. Marcin Miklejewski says:

    To jest dla mnie ciekawostką ze człowiek -pół człowieka do wilka .To jest wilkołak

  19. #I need a book title! says:

    I wanted to be a werewolf or someone who could change into animals for a long time. I did a LOT of research and I now know it’s impossible to the real world. So I decided to write a book about someone like this i stead. This website has been very useful so thank you!

  20. Noriah Young says:

    I have been wanting to be a werewolf for a very long time and was wondering if I can be transformed into a werewolf?

    • (Bloodmoon Savages) (beta) Nutella says:

      Well it is possible and this is how: You can belive in them so much, and when you feel like your acting wolfish, thats a sighn that ur a wolf

  21. wolfy says:

    @noriah young hi you could if you find a powerful enough witch to help you with a ritual or if you have the gene also welcome to the website

  22. go werwolfs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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