werewolf transformation

Buddy and readers,

I can tell you from experience that werewolves transform in the manner of a possession not by an infection.

Ok, really, I can’t tell you from personal experience. But! I can can agree that a werewolf, when first bitten, will be “infected.”After this initial “infection” the person will stay infected with the virus which almost has no cure (we can discuss this later). But, when it comes time for the werewolf to transform under the full moon it is a possession that will take him. The person who is infected, his soul would have to leave his body for the werewolf to transform because there is no “good” werewolf. I am not saying that animals do not have souls (this is a different discussion), I am saying that the devil and is associates have no souls (themselves 🙂 ). The werewolf is in fact the devils proxy under command of the most extreme evil the world has known. A werwolf would have no soul and no understanding that he is human. In fact! When you see some of these werewolf movies where the werewolf “recognizes” some of the people he is about to kill it is a complete misunderstanding of what the werewolf is. I can give you an example, one you may understand as you mentioned it before.


When you come across a rabid dog does he know who you are?

Can you “talk” him to his senses?

Do you think you have a chance of calming him down?

No! No chance of any of this happening. The animal would not care who you are even if you are the owner! Next time you see this in a werewolf movie slap the person next to you (since you can’t slap the writer). Then tell them it was for the writer! hah!

So, can we agree the person is infected with the virus and on occasions will be possessed by the werewolf?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. 3553 and 10 and a half months

  2. Rotriley says:

    oh yea well i’m 16 😀

  3. Rotriley says:

    i’m 16 AND i can see whats not going to happen in the future! top that!

  4. zach says:

    oh look at that shes screeming at me now well bye better go before she starts throwing stuff at me like last night she was throwing cups at me last night

  5. Rotriley says:

    ouch! bye bye!

  6. Rotriley says:

    ugh my pajamas are too small for me!

  7. Rotriley says:

    so alice can u prodict something for me?

  8. Alice says:

    anything specific?

  9. Rotriley says:

    my sister getting with matt, the lycan who likes her?

  10. Alice says:

    what do they look like sorrylycans are hard to see just need to concentrate

  11. Alice says:

    theyre..happy yet denying something…i dont know something seems unstable yet subtle in the relationship

  12. hey rotriley come to this site

  13. Alice says:

    yes i see it happening but just something..idk a bump

  14. Rotriley says:

    a human is in the way of them getting together

  15. Alice says:

    i dont know specifically though

  16. Rotriley says:

    it was just a test alice no worries

  17. Rotriley says:

    but u think they are gunna get together?

  18. Rotriley says:

    cause if they are that would be wonderful

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