werewolf transformation

Buddy and readers,

I can tell you from experience that werewolves transform in the manner of a possession not by an infection.

Ok, really, I can’t tell you from personal experience. But! I can can agree that a werewolf, when first bitten, will be “infected.”After this initial “infection” the person will stay infected with the virus which almost has no cure (we can discuss this later). But, when it comes time for the werewolf to transform under the full moon it is a possession that will take him. The person who is infected, his soul would have to leave his body for the werewolf to transform because there is no “good” werewolf. I am not saying that animals do not have souls (this is a different discussion), I am saying that the devil and is associates have no souls (themselves 🙂 ). The werewolf is in fact the devils proxy under command of the most extreme evil the world has known. A werwolf would have no soul and no understanding that he is human. In fact! When you see some of these werewolf movies where the werewolf “recognizes” some of the people he is about to kill it is a complete misunderstanding of what the werewolf is. I can give you an example, one you may understand as you mentioned it before.


When you come across a rabid dog does he know who you are?

Can you “talk” him to his senses?

Do you think you have a chance of calming him down?

No! No chance of any of this happening. The animal would not care who you are even if you are the owner! Next time you see this in a werewolf movie slap the person next to you (since you can’t slap the writer). Then tell them it was for the writer! hah!

So, can we agree the person is infected with the virus and on occasions will be possessed by the werewolf?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. maybe its possible hes part

  2. zach says:

    anyone on,hello?

  3. Rae says:

    i want to know how to be a werewolf that shows step by step any way to turn me in a werewolf.

  4. Jeremy says:

    its just eazy to go out hunting on the full moon at spend your time looking for wolves you might see sum big ones chase them and as soon as they turn around RUN!! and try and get bitten. happy hunting :D.

  5. lycanhope says:

    yet again its correction time. first i will repeat that werewolves are not a virus or possesion, just making that clear. second Rae, here is your step by step instruction, step 1: learn that you cant “become a werewolf, step 2: accept ur human. we need human fans more than we need a) wannabes or b) people posing as werewolves. and to answer the topic, there are many theories we have as to how we can shift and here are the ones i think are the best, 1: “mind over matter” just like some people can move stuff with their minds we can shift, 2: because we can so we will and won’t question that fact.

  6. anonamous-werewolf says:

    I CAN M-SHIFT NOW!!!!!

  7. legoR3C2 says:

    is there a tell tale sign that a person is a werewolf?

  8. Richtofen says:

    i haw a question can werewolf haw a good soul?

  9. Loki says:

    Nope, Werewolf967 we cant agree that werewolves are infected and on full moon possessed. Firstly: Hell doesnt exist, nor the devil. Before the Christians people believe in a Horned God and a Great Goddess. To ‘prove’ Pagans are evil/ Christians are better which of course was to ensure people would listen to them and not wanna believe in the God and the Goddess, they said the Horned God was the devil who lived in Hell. I think they took Hell from the Vikings, who believed liars, oathbreakers, cowards and people who died of old age went to Hell after they died. So Hell, demons and the devil dont exist, which means werewolves can’t be ‘naturally’ evil if they werent so before they got infected. Secondly, my first change came not under a full moon and I knew what I was doing and did not attack anyone. Unless I’m a very lucky exception, you can safely say werewolves are nót like a dog with rabies. Conclusion: Werewolves are not devilish/ possessed creatures (because the devil doesnt excist, and in legends creature who posses someone comes always from the devil), so they still keep their soul and can choose what they do. Which makes it actually worse if they kill someone because they choose to end a life.

    PS. I have really nothing against Christians, just to make it clear.

    PPS. werewolf967, people like you keep humans afraid of werewolves, so they wont accept us. If this article is a joke, its a very bad one.

  10. Patricia says:

    Oh my god! I have 2 minutes until I transform and my bones are beginning to crack, I had to shred my clothes and my left hand cracked into a paw. It’s hard to type, lucky I don’t have school tomorrkw

  11. Alpha says:

    That s not how it works bro

  12. werewolfkid1987 says:

    yeah, but one thing, werewolves, DO NOT SHIFT ON THE FULL MOON.and you cannot become one via bite/scratch/virus, just to clear up the fakes and whatnot

  13. werewolfkid1987 says:

    also one more thing, we do not shift into wolf looking things on two legs (because that is what a furry looks like) and we arent furries, are we, we are werewolves, that shift into actual wolves.

    • Emily says:

      Werewolves that walk on two legs are called Lycanthropes or Lycans as shorted by Hollywood.. Lycans are considered to be smarter because they can control what they do. Being a werewolf is considered a curse among folklore, but being a Lycan is considered to be a religious act of sorts.

  14. werewolfkid1987 says:

    also, there is no such thing as an alpha werewolf, you arent born an alpha, you must become one by making a pack or being “promoted” in a pack.

  15. steve says:

    or you could search up spell of magic how to become a werewolf.

  16. Katie says:

    Hello there. I’m recently questioning if I am a werewolf. Pretty lost right now. Can anybody help me out please? Thanks!

  17. Alpha says:

    First off why do you think you are a werewolf

  18. Alpha says:

    Emily, werewolves dont walk on two legs, and all werewolves are called lycanthrope. Anything that shifts from man to beast is called a lycan. When we shift it is into s slightly bigger wolf and all werewolves can control themselves

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