Werewolf transformations – not just when full moon

Dear werewolf 967,

I agree, according to the definitions, a werewolf is both an animal and a monster. And yes, I do believe that humans have souls, and…I actually believe that all living animals also have souls. Which means that yes, I believe werewolves have souls also! Just because they (may be) evil, or the devil’s associate, does not mean they have no soul – for example, murderers, criminals, and horrible people do have souls – but they are so evil that their soul goes back to the devil once they die! So could it not be that a werewolf yes is evil, has a soul, and once he dies the soul goes back to the devil! But maybe we will never agree on this, so let’s move on.

I did see the comment that someone said that werewolves do not transform under the full moon. I think this comes from modern portrayals of werewolves, where werewolves seem to have more control over their “transformations” – for example, Remus Lupin from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, or Underworld (didn’t they also have werewolves that had more control over their transformations?) So, the ‘werewolf tranforms because of the full moon’ is really old-fashioned thinking. I think when you first become a werewolf it is because of the full moon, but once you’ve been a werewolf for a while you start to have more control over the werewolf transformation and can transform as you feel like becoming a werewolf. It just takes practice, because really, if you think about it, what would prevent you from becoming a werewolf whenever you want to?



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172 Responses

  1. steven says:

    o now thats not gud hmm

  2. Emraldae says:

    no, its not…. i dont really want u to go to hell babe

  3. Silent Strike says:

    you are all gay

  4. Jay says:

    what if the moon could no longer hold the sway over the Lycanthropes and that they too were evolving no longer requireing the light from the lunar surface to chang. After all do not all creatures change over time. Even human have been known to evolve (some humans dont even use all there organs anymore. like for instanc the human tail bone from long ago. i dont see any humans running around with tails.

  5. Jeremy says:

    i thought werewolves love that big whitsh bluish thing in the sky at night time? :)?

  6. lycanhope says:

    the topic is correct, we dont care about the moon at all, but some of us do find it pretty hypnotising myself included. the only reason we shift at night is because theres less people around, and the full moon gives the most light to see with so it actually is sensible to shift during the full moon. and jay, we hvnt evolved, we were never affected. and the topic about humans shifting is wrong, if ur a human u cant shift, and even as a werewolf it takes alot of practice.

  7. lonewolf123 says:

    Ok, guys! shut up! werewolves: some are not evil! gawd! sometimes people release fake info! did ya know, a guy got fake info from a website, thought he was a vamp, crept into a womens bedroom, and tried biting her throat? he was found in the parking lot wearing only boxer briefs! so dont go along with stupid, lying hollywood! twilight. FAKE! evolution. FAKE! everything else on a movie. FAKE! you people, are making people think they are werewolves/vampires and the real youth of them feel BAD ABOUT THEMSELVES! so shut your piehole!

  8. Fiona says:

    i believe that hounds of god dont transform under a full moon. but they dont have control over it either. its a temeture change. when they whether gets colder, the wolves change. if you think about when the hounds of god were first brought into history, things werent… all that acurate. and i think the whole “moon transformation” thing is because it gets colder at night, you know? also i didnt some reserch and it seems that the majority of werwolf reports and such are in winter.

  9. lonewolf123 says:

    Temperature change does not affect it, not all werewolves change on the full moon, and most werewolves favor winter as of there is better moons. 😀 done.

  10. werewolfdude123 says:

    well, ive done sooooo much research, witch shows werewolfs transform at random(ive even experienced it 2)

  11. Shadow Hunter says:

    Okay here is the right answer: The first shift happens at any time and then the werewolf can shift whenever they want. Okay? Got it now?

  12. Lori J. Schiele says:


    I do not agree with Fiona about Shifting because of temperature. If anything, I think it would be more of an emotional cause – anger, anxiety, stress….
    And probably the reason you believe that werewolves are seen mostly in the cold weather is because the majority of actual wolf-animals tend to live in cold areas.

  13. We change because on the full moon the animal instincts are very powerful and the wolf soul inside of us comes out but not fully and also the dark power of the moon gives us our supernatural powers as it affects our hybrid bodies and powers up the wolf inside.

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