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First of all there is absolutely no proof to be had that animals have souls, as we all know humans are “one of a kind”, to say that a rat has a “soul” is something similar to saying that the devil or the werewolf has one too.  Dare we return to the “fact or fiction” type of discussion?

Your other question is tricky also!

You ask me, “do you think a werewolf is a monster or an animal”? But you just read me the possible answer to the werewolf quiz question too!

One of your definitions says that an animal is anything other than human. We can all agree on this fact! A werewolf, when transformed, is not human. The monster definition seems to be a varitation of the animal definition, by your given definition a monster could also be an animal. So, the two definitions would put the werewolf into a sub-category of either animal or monster.

So Buddy, you still believe that a werewolf has a soul?  Partly because you believe animals have souls?! We are assuming that we as humans have a soul and are setting aside the possibility of this “soul” only being created by our brain or thoughts. So, assuming again, that we have souls, Mr. Werewolf must be one special animal, monster, and or devils associate to be able to go through life and be unaware is it’s actions, feeding endlessly, and or killing upon any instinct possible.

A werewolf has no soul.

A werewolf is a  monster and animal.

One comment posted here said werewolves do not change or transform under the full moon. If they do not do it under the full moon then when do werewolves transform?



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  1. gingervamp says:

    @Lori J. Schiele: ugh, you think what you are saying is logical? werewolves are 100% human, saying they are not is like saying mental people are not human. if the werewolf was half, or not at all human, he wouldnt have human capabilities such as thinking, feeling, or speaking. sure, werewolves have more animal-like minds, but that doesnt mean they ARE animals, they are still humans and so are vampires. do the math

  2. gingervamp says:

    btw i am a vampire

  3. Shadow Hunter says:

    Newton! I miss you. You need to talk to me on xbox more. I never really get on anymore though. Lolz.

  4. astute newt says:

    hi shadow, what’s been goin on?

  5. black wolf says:

    i fliping hate people who say werewolfs have no soul my best freind is one he changes at will thats how a werewolf changes but an aflected werewolf does change at the full moon for 5 years then it can partly change at will that and her hole famly changed infront of me but im not like other humans they thought it would scare me too death but all i did was stand arms crossed smileing and then they made me promise not to tell anybody but how can you prove its true.

  6. WolfyxXX says:

    werewolf967 it pisses me of to hear you speaking that way. if we have souls (We are all equal) what makes you think that another species does not have one? You have no proof!! A soul Is What Make You. . . You. if you die and there’s a spirit then that’s a soul. my friend has a cat that died. it still lives with him today! Don’t assume if you don’t know!! How Could You Say That?! That’s like saying that “You” Have No Soul!!

  7. @WolfyxXX: If the werewolf turns back to human form in time I bet it has a soul!

  8. WolfyxXX says:

    @Werewolf967: Still tho, everything living has some form of a soul. That includes werewolves, vampires, ETC.

  9. @WolfyxXX: except vampires are dead 🙁 But I see your point about werewolves. Except maybe in the transformed state of being things are different…?

  10. Anubis says:

    You know, I just have to do make this a long post considering I haven’t been here in a year, but another, scientific,definition of “animal” is:
    —any member of the kingdom Animalia, comprising multicellular organisms that have a well-defined shape and usually limited growth, can move voluntarily, actively acquire food and digest it internally, and have sensory and nervous systems that all-ow them to respond rapidly to stimuli. —By that definition humans are animals too, and also when you say that a soul is what gives a person a personality, take a long hard thought on your pets if you have any, and I garuntee you they all have their own personality. So if a soul is just what gives a person a personality, then why exactly is it that animals don’t or do have that prevents them from having a soul?

  11. everyone needs to shut up and think about the situation. Do some research on it. Like me Im going to bray road to to play fact or fiction with the werewolf there.

  12. MoonLightWolf says:

    @gingervamp: EXACTLY.

  13. she wolf says:

    to say, werewolves are a living creatures too. they breathe, they eat and also have their own emotions too. o i say a werewolf has a soul. all living creatures here have souls(except for the plants of course). they have lives like we humans do. so for me a werewolf has a soul.

  14. ValorAndGlory says:

    I was going to comment on this, but then I realized it would be easier to just find the nearest news van and prove my point that way. But then that would just cause a panic among the regs that would just make my kind and my people priority target number one, followed by the other “mutants”. Plus not one person here will believe anyone that knows what they are talking about unless they too know one of us, so I guess I should just say that you shouldn’t believe the propaganda that people post in fear of the unknown.

  15. Lycanhope says:

    @ValorAndGlory: Whatever you say Magneto.

  16. Loki says:

    “If they do not do it under the full moon then when do werewolves transform?”

    Simple. They change whenever they want and are a balance between humans (who frequently forget they are animals) and wolves.

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