Werewolf and vampire population size

Are there more werewolves or vampires in the world? Which has the bigger population? Unfortunately for humans, the answer is that there are more vampires. The population of werewolves is not very big. Neither is the vampire population. Of the two small populations however, vampires outnumber werewolves. This poses a threat to humans because vampires are much more interested in humans and human blood than werewolves are.

One of the reasons the vampire population is bigger is because vampires tend to convert more people to vampires. Vampires feel alone in their immortality, and undead state, so they tend to turn people with the hopes of breaking through their loneliness. Werewolves on the other hand tend to be happier in their solitariness and are much more careful with those they want to turn.



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28 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    yeah we (werewolves) are far picky,

    but those who are vampires on this site and others they may know maybe the exception to this,

    due to the fact that they haven’t been around as long as others of there kind. so they still have friends alive unlike the elders

  2. llyons gf says:

    how many werewolves are there out there?

  3. Alice says:

    I’ve changed two people and thought about a third. All willing, but I can’t change anymore…it’s too hard…I don’t have that kind of control…

  4. rivkah sorrows says:

    omg! ANOTHER vampire-slating article! wtf!
    we do NOT pose a threat. okay? we feed off those who OFFER to us. we do not randomly attack people! if you did, you’d end up getting arrested, just like anyone else!
    we do not turn people often, either. in fact, most of us refuse to turn aaanyone, because we don’t want others having to suffer the lives we do (not intended in a melodramatic way, it’s just true). so we have the bigger population- isnt that obviously going to happen, since we dont die as easily as you guys? if more keep being born and none die, its going to increase faster than a population where they are born and die equally. duh.

  5. me says:

    wrong again! werewolf population is much bigger than what you think. it’s because…. i’ll only say it to ian. lol. ^^

  6. sam says:

    im a werewolf and we rock we don’t really attack people but sometimes we do also same with animals when i transformed i ate a horse[hard to believe little but all true].

  7. werewolfinlovewithvamp says:

    me being a werewolf i have a hugge problem the wolves andvamps have awalys been enmies right. so how couls i fall in love with a vamp? help me

  8. That guy says:

    i don’t know about other places but in my small corner of the world, wherewolves out number vamps 4 to 3. their is also very high tention betwean wherewolves in my area.

  9. Rachel Lynn H. says:

    Tell me about it. All the werewolves in my area decided biting me (since I’m vampire or well, was) in order to turn me into a werewolf. Yeah, against my will too. So now I don’t know what I am, werevamp? Werewolf completely? The debates going on here too:

    So if I am a werewolf now, I guess I’m slowly but having a hard time accepting it. Plus the fact I’m allergic to jewelry and was converted to vampireness by bite a year ago kind of makes the whole werewolf/vampire thing an issue for me. So I don’t know what I am. Um, could any of you werewolves and vampires help me figure it out? If you do, thanks! If not, well at least I tried. =(

  10. vamire says:

    Says the werewolfs were i live vampires are more intelligen. They no where there enemies live. Sence my gole is to kill all of the wolfs.. well you get the picture. Wach your back!

  11. why are you on a site called ilovewerewolves if your a werewolf hater and no you watch your back cause i am chewing on it right now LOL

  12. Lycanhope says:

    This whole topic is rubbish, and the majority of comments.

  13. that gye says:

    in the few times violence has broken out betwean werewolves and vamps in my area we have dominated. Although vamps are harder to kill, our spead and power make us a force to be reckoned with.
    oh. and, Rachel Lynn H., althouth werewolves and vamps can’t normaly chainge back and forth i do know of one werewolf like you. i met them once wile i was visiting Wisconsin

  14. alpha says:

    I know. Of at least. 2500 of our kind in alaska I have 34 in my pack.

  15. In my hometown we don’t need were vs. vamp fights to brighten up our lives.There is enough local strikes and police-shooting-people-for-no-reason and did I mention that the president is threatening people with spirits if they don’t vote for him?Yes,viva africa.

  16. megan says:

    @sam: wow im a werewolf!!!!!!!!!!

  17. isaac baneslayer says:

    @llyons gf: me

  18. Lee Ann says:


  19. night wolf says:

    ok so i know theres the whole werewolfs vs vamps thing but has anyone tried to make a pieace treaty i mean me(werewolf) and my friend(vamp) get along so has anyone tried to make one and also where and when did this fight start i mean whats the orgin or the were vs vamp

  20. Vampyre-Momo says:

    Yes where i live there are around 20 wolves who all happen to like me and there are about 5 to 6 vampyres in my coven family and one is a dampyre. We made a treaty not too long ago mainly for my sake because the alpha male of the pack made claim to me. to put it simpler chose me to be his mate which made a lot of people upset. we became great allies. We made each other stronger and better equiped to handle a threat. im momo a pure vampyre and its not uncommon to fall in love with the othe species ive done it about 4 times and from what ive seen from family and friends those are the ones that seem tn last longer. And yes vampyres are a very intelligent and intellectual species. in my family mainly the girls your brain matures much faster than your body. at age 2 your brain is that of a 5 year old and still growing. once you hit your 20s your aging process slows. i dont know if this happens to everyone but during a new moon i have to bite if i dont my teeth starts to hurt.

  1. December 12, 2009

    […] werewolf population in the world is extremely small when you compare it to other species on the planet.  Even vampires […]

  2. December 12, 2009

    […] werewolf population in the world is extremely small when you compare it to other species on the planet.  Even vampires […]

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