Werewolf / Wolf Sayings

Here are a collection of interesting proverbs, quotes, and sayings about werewolves and wolves.  Some of these have alot of truth to them. And some are just funny.

1.  Never moon a werewolf. – Mike Binder

2.  I think we all have to fight the werewolf within us somehow. – William Kempe, Actor

3.  “There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised”  – Anton Lavey

4.  ‘I’m hairy on the inside,’  – Angela Carter, Company of Wolves.

5.  Fight a wolf with a flex stalk. – Chinese Proverb

6.  Hunger drives the wolf out of the wood. – English Proverb

7.  Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. – German Proverb

8.  For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. – Rudyard Kipling

9.  It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf. – Thomas Fuller

10.  Man is to man either a god or a wolf. – Desiderius Erasmus

11.  If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf. – Nikita Khrushchev

12.  A hungry wolf at all the herd will run, In hopes, through many, to make sure of one. – William Congreve

13.  Never stray from the path, never eat a windfall apple, and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle. – Company of wolves



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48 Responses

  1. Kaelden says:

    I like these

  2. jo says:


  3. Värlôc says:

    “One must learn self-control before the can lead others. Does the lycanthrope race not learn to make itself a reliable pack, with a reliable leader? To be a leader is to lead outside of the box, outside of the thoughts of followers. That is what being an Alpha male is all about.” -Carolus I. Walters, former Alpha male

    (This guy was my brother, and he’s dead now, so please don’t diss this quote…..)

  4. The chinese proverb is megaweird! flex stalk?

  5. I would like to point out that a reliable pack and a reliable leader must also have others who are reliable. Everyone is key in a pack and a leader should also be a follower. The thing about a leader that makes a leader great is the actions of a leader not only as a leader himself but his personality as an individual as well.

    There are many different things to consider when it comes to a reliable leader. I find this internet craze cannot show what a true leader is like. Even than it seems these days everyone tries to be a leader in some form.

  6. Värlôc says:

    The key to a good pack is also compliance. As an Alpha male, one must lead by example. The lycans of the pack, especially the pups, will watch your every move and imitate it to the best extent.

  7. I agree Howard a reliable leader is a must, but he/she is not only hard to find but also hard to keep around, often times the real leader does not want to take the job…

  8. Sometimes those who are truly reliable are the ones who are the quiet ones.

  9. pklett92 says:

    I here that allot…the quite ones are most often the suitable leaders. I like the idea that everyone is a leader in their own right. As long as you continue to learn from your mistakes and strive to excel in every aspect of your life than you are a leader. Speaking of quotes my father told me “you can not lead until you have proven to yourself that you are capable of doing so”. What you often think about yourself usually rubs off of you and people can pick that up.

    I guess the point is that you cant lead or do a good job at it till you have first become comfortable and ready to do so.

  10. See I can agree to that. I still have problems with dealing with myself as a person because I am always striving to better myself. In doing this I constantly push myself into the ground to teach me a lesson for my mistakes.I firmly believe that a leader needs those who are with him/her who are more than just followers. Than again I am a firm believer in team work and I do not work well pulling everyone else so I usually try to help people to help themselves as i help them and they help me, if that makes any sense.

  11. some people need just temporary help until they realize they can do “it” themselves…

  12. lee ann says:

    sorry all i read is ‘do “it”‘ turned it perverted in my head and burst out laughing

  13. jo AkA the Werewolf Demon says:

    as i was walking with despair and loneliness starring at the moon, i heard the cries of those who are lost and thought that i wasnt alone afterall. and gladly returned to the path that was reality. lol XD random! ^^

  14. lol.. yea, I could have worded that better…

    Jo, its always hard to remember that there are others who share the struggle…

  15. pklett92 says:

    Jo man, I like your stories bro…you going to keep using this site?

  16. is anyone here a werewolf?

  17. Aspynn says:

    There are a lot of werewolves on here, and there are a lot of posers on here.

  18. Aspynn says:

    I’m trying to get back in the habit of coming here. If you see me anywhere remind me.

  19. lee ann says:

    anyone around im bored with life

  20. pklett92 says:

    did you know that blood and chocolate is based off of a true story? its amazing what is truth and what is fiction sometimes.

  21. adam says:

    interesting XD

  22. lee ann says:

    it is actually a really good book. Plus hey, i like blood and chocolate! XD

  23. Jo says:

    lol well stories came from something else but it aint me cause its so random and anyone can top my stories im just here to play alot since my purpose is well…. cannot be determined unless i chose one XD

  24. Jo says:

    hehe and also.. werewolf967 is very competitive but competition keeps everybody moving lol XD

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