werewolves and the cross

Are werewolves afraid of the religious symbol the “Cross?” While some may believe that werewolves are afraid of the cross in any particular way, I do not believe this to be true- entirely. When the werewolf is in human form he is as human as a human can appear to be, but when the human is in werewolf form he may be vulnerable to some  things, one being the cross held by a figure with the power to use it. While the cross itself would have no effect on the human in werewolf form if a “normal person” were to try to use it, I do believe that if the cross is held by a “religious figure,” for example, a priest, than the power behind the cross could be enough to slow down the werewolf, so long as the priest or religious “figure” can extract this power from religion and the cross.  This is not to say that the human who lives with the weight of the werewolf cannot be religious, in fact, the more “religious”  the weighted person becomes the less werewolf he or she may appear or even become, it’s possible to gain more control by gaining more faith.

While the debate between good werewolves and evil werewolves continues there is no doubt that being werewolf does LINK the weighted person (wp) to something that is less good and more evil, and maybe not all evil actions are carried out but the link between good and evil will always exist.



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164 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    what do you sense Mr. Argentus Sir

  2. Argentus says:

    Your concentration.

  3. Sabrefang says:

    well then maybe I will need to concentrate on turning pineapples into squirrels lol that would be funny wouldnt it. I would do that trick for all to see just to see the look on there faces

  4. Argentus says:

    Nah. keys into mice. starting your car would be more interesting that way.

  5. Argentus says:

    Imagine if you were a high school janitor and someone did that little switch on you.

  6. Sabrefang says:

    ………..ok he just killed the mouse no more keys to mice lol

  7. Argentus says:

    You don’t like mice, do you?

  8. Hellius says:

    Hey guys…

  9. Sabrefang says:

    no it wasnt that it was the janitor got so startled that he threw the rat into the wall.

  10. Sabrefang says:

    HELLIUS you missed it I made condensation in my mind using only a fishing pole, banana and yarn

  11. Hellius says:

    Uhh, what?

  12. Sabrefang says:

    lol im only kidding lol I had a day off from my duties and I am just full of nonsense energy lol

  13. Argentus says:

    He has MIND POWERS:P

  14. Argentus says:

    Actually, i sent you some static energy on accident. my bad:P

  15. Hellius says:

    Haha, okay. I took today off from school; that was so worth it.

  16. Sabrefang says:

    hey ok that was one shocking experience for me so be careful

  17. Argentus says:

    Hellius, did you really?

  18. Akitha says:


    Y’all talking about psionics? o_0

  19. Sabrefang says:

    nope just condensation

  20. Argentus says:

    I don’t believe so, but maybe.

  21. Sabrefang says:

    I like to call psionics, moving s***t with my mind

  22. Hellius says:

    I didn’t feel like going to school on inauguration day. Plus, today was a finals day for 6th period; I don’t have a sixth period.

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