werewolves and thunder

What are some consequences of any type of weather negatively effecting the werewolf?

Many dogs hate thunder, that’s common knowledge. What about the werewolf? Does the werewolf hate thunder? I have yet to come across any evidence that proves that werewolves might be afraid of thunder. In fact, I know that some werewolves do not even notice the thunder claps and might even enjoy them. The enjoyment comes from a connection with the earth that they feel when nature makes noises louder than the werewolf can think. The werewolf will take the changes as a sign of connection towards an inner peace they long to feel.

There is one point that I want to bring up and that is if a transformation occurs in the middle of a stormy night. A night when the lightening is at it’s strongest and the thunder does not give breaks between claps, a time when the rain pours buckets upon buckets. If a werewolf transformation occurs on a night like this, you may be in for a treat…



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  1. nopack says:

    Like a good treat or one that won’t end so good

  1. September 23, 2009

    […] 967 pointed out the connection between werewolves and thunder, however I want to also add that in general, many werewolves have a type of 6th sense which attunes […]

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