Werewolves can sense the presence of a Vampire

A werewolf’s nose is much like a wolf’s nose – generally a wolf can smell prey and other

scents that are miles away. But do werewolves actually smell vampires or do they simply sense their presence? The werewolf, more often than not, senses the presence of a Vampire.  The reason for this is because vampires are very hard to smell.  Vampires, while they do emit a particular odor, have a scent that is very hard to distinguish from the surroundings or territory that they have inhabited. This is especially true if that particular

Do werewolves smell Vampires?

Vampire has lived in the same area for along period of time.  Werewolves will find that the odor emitted from vampires that have lived in one place for an extended period of time will eventually blend completely into the environment – becoming virtually indistinguishable to most trackers. How this happens is that with time, all the “smells” of the territory mask the odor of the Vampire.  The masking however also works in reverse, as most Vamps will also eventually smell more like the environment they are living in, thus making their scent very difficult to identify. For reasons unknown, even if a Vampire moves to a different area to find new territory, and the area smells completely different, the surroundings will again, with time, mask the natural odor that is emitted by the Vampire.

So, how do werewolves sense a vampires presence? It’s  like ESP or similar to the feeling you get when “you just know.”  This is the sense/feeling a werewolf usually gets when a Vampire is around – the mere presence of the “dead” (or “undead”) in the room is hard for the werewolf to miss.  How does this happen?  The werewolf can generally sense the atmosphere to determine if danger (or a vampire) is present. A vampire’s presence in the room causes subtle atmosphere changes – minuscule yet unmistakable clues that can be picked up by a werewolf. So yes, the general rule is that werewolves cannot smell a vampire, it is more of a sensation they get, a feeling deep down within.

But there are exceptions to every rule….

Not all vampires fall within this general “rule” – there are some exceptions.  In fact, there are some vampires that can be smelled by a werewolf and can be detected from many miles away.  One such example is a newly turned Vamp. These vamps still emit the foul odor of the human.  Newly turned vamps still have what used to be the “living human flesh” inside of them rotting.  The living flesh of the new vampire must go through a process of turning from something raw and living to something more of what the earth prescribes for a century old dead corpse before it can take on the mild / “odorless” (by human standards) smell of the vampire.  While the process is underway, vampires are incredibly pungent and easily detectable to werewolves.



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5 Responses

  1. ILiekPizza says:

    I have smelled a vampire. They smell ashy! X3

    Most of the time though, yes I can sense when one is near even if they have no idea they are one.

  2. joseph says:

    Are vampires real?

  3. They are real and your right they do smell like ash.Fresh ash

  4. Lillith Jane Black says:

    thats not true at all I smell like strawberry shampoo

  5. Lillith Jane Black says:

    and occasionally avocado toast or marshmallow chapstick which is weird because I hate marshmallows

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