werewolves envy humans

Werewolves envy humans.

Why? Because humans are what werwolves desire to become, what they are deep in the heart, deep in the soul. Although sometimes becoming werewolf is by choice there is always something more to being 100% human that gets to the werewolf while in werewolf form, envy, especially after having some bad experiences during or after transformation. The envy werewolves have for pure humans sometimes comes in the form of hate, a hatred toward the half brother of the werewolf. An extreme hatred that only becoming human again can cure, even if you did take the weight by choice. You won’t find many werewolves that will admit that they desire to be human again, many will secretly hide this emotion from the world, and many will not find out the desire until they learn the consequences of losing to the werewolf. Furthermore, not all weighted humans envy pure humans, some desire to become more werewolf, like a vampire getting a taste of blood, some humans after getting their taste of their first transformation can’t get enough; they want more. This is often a warning sign, a sign that the human inside you could lose total control to the werewolf, you don’t want this, there will be no turning back. The human inside the weighted person must always be in control, do not let your human conscience leave your body during transformation. If the werewolf takes complete control of your body, your mind, and your soul, all human will be lost and you too will be lost.

I will step aside but never out of sight.



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  1. Akitha says:

    Hmm… Have you ever listened to the 70’s rap song called Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang? lol, the rap back then was much better than today’s c-rap, imo lol

  2. Sabrefang says:

    So Akitha how have you been anyways

  3. Akitha says:

    Pretty good. Nothing much to do, around here… But I did go to a Gaming Cafe for an hour, yesterday lol xD

  4. Sabrefang says:

    Man I havent done that in a long time lol I use to go with 7 others except its hard now that all my friends live 4 hours away lol

  5. Sabrefang says:

    Oh I live in Orlando and my friends live in Miami

  6. what is a gaming cafe?! sounds fun!!
    Last time I went to a gaming place it was for arcade machines…

  7. Akitha says:

    I live in Port Saint Lucie, FL…. Right in between lol O_o

  8. Sabrefang says:

    werewolf967 I have been meaning to ask you. Are you a wolf?

  9. Sabrefang says:

    …………Ok thats just coincidental

  10. Akitha says:

    TBH with ya.. I don’t really believe in coincidences…. OK, This is kinda getting awkward fast… lol

  11. Sabrefang says:

    lol it’s ok everything happens for a reason lol.

  12. Rastio says:

    sabre if you’re on…
    you said something about tonight

  13. Sabrefang says:

    ah yes my friend we must continue

  14. Sabrefang says:

    I must get out of the house…………well the demons.

  15. Sabrefang says:

    So please be patient

  16. Akitha says:

    What must continue? O_o

  17. Akitha says:

    ok, cya… brb too lol

  18. Rastio says:

    what was that all about?

  19. Akitha says:

    brb again..

    ..I dunno O_o

  20. Sabrefang says:

    OK RASTIO I AM HERE!! lol hello again sorry im embracing my inner dragon at the moment bare with me lol

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