Werewolves have a soul?

Buddy and readers,

My statement on werewolves being under command directly by the devil may not be true, but, if the devil rules all evil and the werewolf is evil, whomever is directing him is pure evil and thus closely commanded by the devil. What I am saying is that if Mr. Werewolf is not commanded by the devil, the evil that does command the “person” commanding him is controlled by the devil. Kind of confusing?

I’m quite certain we can agree that when the Mr. Werewolf does bite a human that the person will be infected by the disease of the werewolf regardless of whether it is a female or male werewolf to be, this transformation will be done in no time! Movies just like to drag it out to show off their cgi and maybe make the movie longer.

Now, under the transformation by the full moon –  The rabid dog is our example, yes he is physically the same dog as before, but when you look into his eyes can you “feel” his soul? I think not, so please tell me where his soul is and what it is doing? Perhaps while the werewolf is under possession of the werewolf “disease” of the full moon his soul would leave and then return to him while Mr. Werewolf returns to his human state. I don’t think we can base this on whether animals have a soul or not, a dog, cat, etc…This is a rather grueling debate among many stories and philosophers. We have to base this on pure evil. Does the devil and his associates have a soul?

If you can tell me that you can look into Mr. Werwolves eyes and find a soul then I will agree he has one.

Fact: The evil of a werewolf is unnecessary and in no way benefits humans.

Fact: The evil of the werewolf does not teach us that “oh, there is! evil out there.”

Fact: The evil of the werewolf is an anomaly caused by the devil which teaches us nothing.

We need to agree on this part of the werewolf transformation without digging out stories that have already been told about werewolves. Then we can continue the sequence of events on how the animal will transform.



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  1. Alice says:

    Controling? I think not. I am prefectly under control. When haven’t I been under control? I was being nice in taht comment. You are just some kid who doesn’t get what some of us really go through. So do us a favor as well as yourself and leave. Only true werewolves and Vampires belong here.

  2. jereir says:

    hello anyone

  3. jakar says:

    get off bro

  4. Jeremy says:

    No ones on >.<

  5. Just finished my first book! All I need is an agent….

  6. Jo and Astianax(Hates astinah foreva XD) says:

    hmmm…. don’t really know about a werewolf having a soul, yet i don’t have a soul, so it is possible(which means it can be but not sure) that a werewolf or some werewolves may not have a soul. i maybe corrupted, always half never whole, yet i lived XD

  7. BlueWerewolf says:

    ok im a werewolf so buddy i should know if i have a soul or not. the traits of a human before they change are almost always the traits of the person’s werewolf self but not all of us are evil now if you do get ripped to shreds by a werewolf then you did one of three things 1. you provoced the werewolf somehow(probably by entering their teritory) 2. you ran into a werewolf that has phased for the first time and has no control of their actions and 3. you ran into a rare evil werewolf which means you just had some bad luck resently

  8. aiden says:

    werewolves aren’t evil, lol, they are agressive at full moon, but not evil.

  9. Fiona says:

    honestly, i dont believe that the devil is… well theres more than one path up the mountin i supose. im a buddhist, and i believe that if we were bringing the werewolves having a soul into question, and if you believe that they are controlled by the devil, and you say the devil has no soul rite? well doesnt it/he/idk have a soul just not a pure one? i mean think about it, a “sinner” needs a soul to go to hell or what not but he only goes if her does not have a pure soul if im not mistaken. so that would mean that werewolves do have souls but just not good ones. altho i honestly believe that werewolves are not evil. or controlled by the devil.

  10. wolfpup53 says:

    werewolves have evil souls werewolves can be evil but others not really

  11. Wanting says:

    I have learned werewolf is no normal death live past over 150years and stay in hid from real people and spend times with their family’s to help them and keep them from being hurt by other way’s the true prime Evil is Money not werewolf is not evil in anyway look in bible woman changed the bible to change the true facts one woman is not even even as man in Genesis 3:16;22 as the rule eve is man’s wife woman was made for man people can’t judge other from there lies they make from other bibles not from gods words werewolf is an other pic not even evil Amen

  12. dragonwolf says:

    of course a werewolf have a soul I have one

  13. Loki says:

    “Fact: The evil of the werewolf is an anomaly caused by the devil which teaches us nothing.” THIS IS NO FACT! The devil doesnt excist, so hé doesnt cause evil, the werewolf who choses to be evil does! And perhaps he or she does that because as a werewolf, even if you do nóthing wrong, it doesnt matter, you are still treated as a demon! People like me, who choose not to kill or attack anyone , get a bad name by this kind of articles. I was perfectly aware of what happened, I could even change back! If someone/something controlled me, that wouldn’t have been possible. So yes werewolves have a soul and no, they arent evil unless they choose so, just like humans. And you wouldn’t say that, because sóme humans kill, every human is evil and has no soul, would you? With werewolves its the same.

  14. Sad_to_be_notwolf says:

    Fact: You have created this post to try and fix how your previous post made us rant about how werewolves aren’t evil – but you are saying they don’t have a soul???? If I got bitten by a werewolf today (or otherwise contracted it) and woke up tomorrow, I think I would still have a soul, thanks very much. Yes, hairier and more partial to raw meat, but without a soul???

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