Werewolves have a soul?

Buddy and readers,

My statement on werewolves being under command directly by the devil may not be true, but, if the devil rules all evil and the werewolf is evil, whomever is directing him is pure evil and thus closely commanded by the devil. What I am saying is that if Mr. Werewolf is not commanded by the devil, the evil that does command the “person” commanding him is controlled by the devil. Kind of confusing?

I’m quite certain we can agree that when the Mr. Werewolf does bite a human that the person will be infected by the disease of the werewolf regardless of whether it is a female or male werewolf to be, this transformation will be done in no time! Movies just like to drag it out to show off their cgi and maybe make the movie longer.

Now, under the transformation by the full moon –  The rabid dog is our example, yes he is physically the same dog as before, but when you look into his eyes can you “feel” his soul? I think not, so please tell me where his soul is and what it is doing? Perhaps while the werewolf is under possession of the werewolf “disease” of the full moon his soul would leave and then return to him while Mr. Werewolf returns to his human state. I don’t think we can base this on whether animals have a soul or not, a dog, cat, etc…This is a rather grueling debate among many stories and philosophers. We have to base this on pure evil. Does the devil and his associates have a soul?

If you can tell me that you can look into Mr. Werwolves eyes and find a soul then I will agree he has one.

Fact: The evil of a werewolf is unnecessary and in no way benefits humans.

Fact: The evil of the werewolf does not teach us that “oh, there is! evil out there.”

Fact: The evil of the werewolf is an anomaly caused by the devil which teaches us nothing.

We need to agree on this part of the werewolf transformation without digging out stories that have already been told about werewolves. Then we can continue the sequence of events on how the animal will transform.



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  1. Sorrel says:

    you flunk at spelling

  2. Sorrel says:

    it’s misused

  3. Sorrel says:

    and i will make sure he does nothing more to you. alyssa and leah. yeah. she told me.

  4. Sorrel says:

    once you marry a rock it will be suki

  5. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    o ok, gosh i didnt think she would ever go to this extent, me and leah were talking 2 her yesturday, she was fine, but now…

  6. Suki says:

    anger is something not meant to be used like this lol

  7. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    enough suki, u r no help. thx 2 u encoaurgaing her, shes gone!

  8. Suki says:

    its cald guard ur heart u find that out when a friend kills all ur family in front of u and has the gutts to put u on a killing spree of inocent peaple

  9. Sorrel says:

    i’m back

  10. Genesis says:

    i cant leave this damn site alone…… Angel did it huh? somethings arent meant to be avoided i guess

  11. Howard says:

    As we walk through the sands of time, we learn, we grow, we die, as much as we change and the world changes, the universe moves on, the clouds still move, the rivers still flow. Life is unending and a gift.

  12. Mutt says:

    Brother, I need you. We need to talk now, its very urgent.

  13. Mutt says:

    pls, anyone on here. Plz help me.

  14. Mutt says:

    Brother, I’m sorry. I can’t protect Kyle anymore, his mind is set. His gf is most likely dead and he doesn’t want to live. He won’t last long anymore.

  15. Mutt says:

    Brother, plz forgive me. I can’t stop him anymore.

  16. Sorrel says:

    who was his girlfriend? Angel? or her name was Jessica?

  17. Sorrel says:

    Jessica died.

  18. Deadpool says:

    It is actually impossible for a werewolf to be female. Lycanthropia has a bad reaction to estrogen. It may be possible for a young female who has not had estrogen released yet. werewolves are not evil. There are bad werewolves just as there are bad humans. But would you say humans are evil? Most people see werewolves as evil because the bad ones get all the publicity.
    Also be thankful for us werewolves.
    If it werent for us the world would be controlled by vampires.
    We create balance. Weather you like us or not you need us.
    we save your sorry asses so we cant all be bad.

  19. Alice says:


  20. PeranColoratus says:

    alice,alice,alice u have some controling to do

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