werewolves killing werewolves

OK, I can believe the idea that werewolves are human-wolf evil hybrids.  This seems believable.  And – and I really don’t want to start calling you the “werewolf expert” around here, but I guess it seems plausible that werewolves are all alpha males…and yes, you’re right one alpha male would not be with another alpha male.

So, we’re saying that werewolves are destined to be loners – never to travel with their own kind. This seems to be a rather sad and VERY LONELY existence.  Would a werewolf kill another werewolf if he came across it?  Would he actually kill one of his own kind? Or would he just ignore it and go about his own evil-doing as most other species do?



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  1. Seth says:


    Lycans (aka Werewolves) are usually loners. They have been known to hunt in packs but the fight for leadership is always constant and as a result so is the threat of exposure. another words, packs draw attention. They also find it harder to control their inner animal because of the constant strain of their brethrens fights for dominance. Anger and hostility is not an attribute, it’s a flaw. It is also easier to fall victim to their lust for blood when their brethren are snapping at the bit for some action.

    I wise lycan will seek out isolation.
    first learning to control his\her inner animal. -This is important-
    should they lose control they also lose their social mask, and always hunted down and killed. Stay calm, Stay alive. As for being lonely, not at all. A lycan is closer to nature than any man could ever hope to be. They can connect with any and every life. He\she feels at peace with the solitude.

    Hope that helps.

  2. nezumi says:

    true enough however both huans and wolves are social beings tha might say soething. would it make sense that werewolf pacs work much the same aswolf packs? i think so.

  3. l-r says:

    EVIL EVIL EVIL thats all i read around here, hollywood does not exactly have the right idea.

  4. Wait, wait, wait,
    Seth, I am a perfectly normal kid, from the outside.
    I try to avoid sleepovers (besides with people who know me VERY well) because I have some very strange night-time behaviors, and frankly I’m pretty damn lonely. Sure I have some problems with being dominant, but I know to respect the alpha. Sure I have a few anger issues when it comes to a few soft spots, but I can control myself really well. Did I mention that I am alpha a pack? and that it needed members because I’m THAT lonely? I have several friends But none that can relate to me. (except one and she’s ‘biginning’, we only figured out recently that she’s an ocelot.)
    Also weres and lycans arent evil, they’re just different, don’t generalize.

    Hey all you out there, yeah you lycans, furrys, and weres, it doesn’t matter your species in our pack. Heck it doesn’t matter your genus, if you need a pack visit.


  5. Young Wolf says:

    lol.. i try to stay away from sleep-overs.. I don’t shift while in the pressence of humans, but i can’t stop myself from growling or being up all night.. and I enjoy packs.. I’m the Alpha Female of one… My beta isn’t ready to be Alpha Male, so until he’s ready I’m staying in my position…

  6. Jay says:

    Ok first of all it’s inevitable for beings to kill each other in view of there common interests. secondly you have to remember that werewolves are half human thus giving a gift of knowledge if you will if there’s no reason to fight then there’s no fight if however a fight is inevitable then so be it. So no I don’t think it moral to consider a werewolf a savage beast or a loner but very much like the human sociology itself. A short of in between if you will. one more thing I seem to see allot is that people consider werewolves dumb and stupid yet for all there credibility they are still here and still hiding, but who could complain after all the most dangerous force on earth is the human populous

  7. shadow says:

    werewolves are lone wolfs unless they find other male and female werewolves and just like real wolves they would fight for the top position. but a real wolf would reject a werewolf.

  8. If you learn to control your transformations, you can go to all the sleepovers you want.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s easier said than done. It took me a year to reign over my cravings, both for transmogrifications and for the flesh of humans. It requires deep meditation. Stay away from the outside world when you are in a state of meditation. The best time is at night.

    Always think before you act. The reason somwe of us lycans are pure savages, or are thought to be, is because we usually act before we know what’s best. This could lead to death at times…

    I’m done lecturing…for now.

    • necroposter says:

      You have a craving for human flesh? Thats sick. Seriously, if you try eating your own kind (whether you like it or not, you’re still mostly human, enough to make it count as eating your own kind) you get sick and die. They tried it with cows and distant relatives of cows and the eaters got sick and died.

  9. Ibliswolf says:

    Many werewolves are loners but many are also happy to be part of a pack. Werewolves are not evil by nature and I do not restrain myself in any way when I feel a shift coming on, I have never hurt anyone and I embrace the shift. Please stop calling us evil.

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