werewolves love being werewolves

If you could see the world from the eyes of a werewolf your perspective on life would be much different than it is now. Your life would be easier, but with more obstacles. Your goals would be farther, yet easier to grasp. You would see the world from a perspective that only a limited number of humans have ever seen. You will begin to understand why a werewolf loves being a werewolf and why a werewolf does not view himself, or herself, as “cursed.”

I am only cursed if I believe I am cursed.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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78 Responses

  1. reece says:

    what time u lot came on

  2. reece says:

    you know my msn accoubt

  3. Sabrefang says:

    I do not send me an email

  4. reece says:

    who is actually online

  5. reece says:

    i mean do you know my account so i send u email

  6. Sabrefang says:

    If you send me an email just say it’s you and I can put it in my archive

  7. reece says:

    save I’ll add ya den, do u know carly if u do get her to come on line

  8. Sabrefang says:

    I don’t know her personally if that is what you are asking.

  9. reece says:

    jus added u and u should get my email account reece

  10. reece says:

    but you know her though just like a blood sister

  11. reece says:

    i got 4 wekks til i am not a newbie supun said

  12. Sabrefang says:

    Reece do you have an email address cause I can’t use that since I have a Mac

  13. reece says:

    what is a mac

  14. Sabrefang says:

    And no I really don’t know about Carly and all I know is that she helped me find my wolf breed

  15. Sabrefang says:

    A Mac is a type of computer. The same that make the Ipod

  16. reece says:

    oh ask her that i need to find out my breed of wolf is

  17. reece says:

    do u know her email name cause i cud use her help to find my breed

  18. Sabrefang says:

    hehe you can ask her. Sometimes it is best to ask for yourself instead of using others too because you will get a more direct answer asking yourself. Be patient though I know you are anxious but you must control it because you will get too excited and getting too excited can lead to confusion

  19. Sabrefang says:

    I do not know once again patience young one

  20. Argentus Lupus says:

    Hey:)How is everyone?

  21. Silver says:

    I’ve been reading through here and the point that stood out to be was Communication by a different language as mentioned by Argentus and Druids/Elvish by Sabrefang. it’s got me thinking, does being a Were have any religious meaning? Druids are known mostly from Paganism and thier worship of the earth and its resources, etc (i don’t know enough about Druids just what i’ve read and heard). Elvish i know next to nothing about to be totally honest, but to me body language speaks so much, to watch someone as they speak, its like reading a book you can read the information on the back but actually reading its contents gives you far more information. Wolves communicate via Body language more than vocally though they love to vocalise thier wants and desires. Body language is key to survival in a pack, if the Alpha is to challenge you and you don’t wish to fight get on your back fast and bare your throat, signs of submission. easy to read once your used to it but its the same with humans.

  22. Silver, being a were can have great religious and spiritual meaning. Depending on the person, it can be a blessing or a burden.
    But weres are not so limited in communication.

  23. Re-searcha says:

    HAHA..SABREFANG, you are really something else man. “she helped me find my wolf breed?” hahahahaha. Have you ever read through the comedy you guys post on this thing? If ever there was a group on the internet that had misplaced imagination it has to be you guys. Hahaha…how can you come on line and say things like you are WEREWOLVES? Seriously if you heard someone say that would you consider them mentally sound. I would understand if this was role playing, but even then i’m really failing to see what you are all gaining from this clowning around. You better all get a life for real, and stop mimicking what you see on telly. Poor guys.

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