Werewolves love being werewolves

Werewolf 967,

Your thoughts on what a werewolf fears are interesting.  It sounds like you’re saying a werewolf fears having to face life and his curse alone.  I have to disagree with you – most werewolves LOVE being werewolves.  In fact, they revel in being alone.  Most hate  humans and love the fact that they are not human.  I don’t think they ever really get lonely. I think that is the human perpsective – the human perspective is how can one werewolf survive the werewolf curse/virus by himself. Destined to be one of the only ones of his kind, and maybe never even meet another werewolf. But remember, werewolves are only part human, they do not have the same feelings that humans have. They do not feel lonliness like we humans do.



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4 Responses

  1. I can understand why you misunderstood the meaning of my post. The title, “perception of what a werewolf fears” was meant to be understood from view of a human living with the curse of a werewolf.
    I need to be more specific next time. thanks.
    I don’t understand how a werewolf can love being a werewolf (per this post), or how he can love to be human, in my point of view the werewolf does not know of his human counterpart.

  2. Shadowsmoke says:

    I don’t think I would be able to live alone, no social contact. *shudders*
    You forget the fact that both humans and wolves are social animals. Wouldn’t it make sense that werewolves would be social too?
    though, yes, I do revel in the fact that I’m not human. It’s comforting to know that I’m different than a human, and not ignorant to the fact that we all have an animal in us, It’s just a matter of finding it and letting it out.

  3. areww123 says:

    i agree we would be social and its kinda fun not being human

  4. lalalalalalalalalalallaala says:

    this post is so full of shit. buddy u know nothing about werewolves and i get the feeling that everything you say is just an asumption. the more information you put out that you are not sure of the more confused people get.

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