Werewolves of London Chords – Guitar and Piano Lesson

The song Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon is a pretty simple song to learn how to play on the guitar or piano. The lesson is pretty simple for the guitar – you’ll only need to learn three chords to play the song – D Major, C Major, and G Major.  Once you learn how to play this song, the song Sweet Home Alabama is pretty simple to learn as it is almost identical!  Also, once you’ve learned how to play the song, you can find song lyrics here.

Here’s how to play the song on guitar:
The song is pretty basic, using the three chords discussed above.
You’ll play the D chord for two beats, C chord for two beats, and G chord for 4 beats. Repeat throughout the entire song! So, the basic chords are as follows: DD CC GGGG

That’s all there is to it. It’s a very basic song! There are various methods to get the song sounding a little more complex.  Watch the videos below to learn how to fine tune your song.  In the first video lesson,  the guitar instructor suggests first strumming the base note of the chord, then strum the chord, and then smack the guitar. He’ll explain it in more detail and show you how to do it in the below video. (See Video #1 below).  In a seconnd method, the instructor puts a note on and off with various chords. The result is really great. (see Video #2 below).  Practice to see which one you like best!

Video #1 – Guitar Chord Lesson:

Video #2 – Guitar Chord Lesson:


Piano Lesson
To play the song on the piano, a visual lesson is going to likely be much more effective than anything else.  Here therefore is a lesson which breaks the piano down to each individual hand:

Here’s a pretty good piano tutorial for the right hand:

Here’s the piano tutorial for the left hand:



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