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There is always alot of controversy as to whether or not you’d find werewolves online. Many humans see werewolves as antiquated creatures that should be cowering in a forest somewhere instead of online as connected as the rest of humans. There is alot of hate directed towards werewolves online. Many of the concerns humans pose are that online werewolves are fakers or not real werewolves.

The truth is that real werewolves can, and are online just as much as they want to be. Consider the fact that newer werewolves have grown up in today’s technology, and so are comfortable with the internet. Just because they are werewolves does not mean they all of a sudden forget about everything they knew or liked as a human. They don’t revert to being archaic and prehistoric. Werewolves of today are much more advanced than humans think. Werewolves are, if humans want to believe nothing else, incredibly smart. They can use the techonologies that have been developed to their advantage – to stay hidden, to find food, to protect themselves.

By the same token, older werewolves are just as likely to be online. It is true that werewolves have a longer than normal lifespan. Some are very, very old. Just because however a werewolf is very old does not mean that they cannot keep up with the times. Older werewolves are very unlike older humans. Older werewolves advance with technology probably faster than any human does. The older ones typically have more money so can afford to buy the newest technological releases. Because they have lived so long, they are also comfortable with change, and understand the importance of keeping up with the times, especially to blend in.

General rules for the werewolf- Werewolf Maxim’s.

In fact, many werewolves have set up communities online to find each other and give advise and help to the new. Online werewolf communities are generally very welcoming to their own kind. Many tend to keep their real identities secret in case humans are watching. Most don’t mind the fact that humans are disbelievers, this helps keep the true existence of werewolves a secret, and the panic out of the hearts of humans.



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293 Responses

  1. Lupe says:

    But.. as a reminder, I do not believe those symptoms you stated are real werewolf symptoms, due to me actually having an idea of what a REAL werewolf is.

    But just because you say things like this, that doesn’t give me authority to believe you.

    And I read somewhere that someone said I am posting “offensive” things? Offensive how? I apologize but… I just do not believe either way.

    Does that mean I won’t at least give it a chance? No, I will give it a chance, for respect and kindness is far better than backlash.

    But a thing to say.. that same person I talked about before on the main chat said that I should tone down my speeches. I might, hence why I water it down and put it in paragraphs instead of a wall of text.

    But freedom? They said that they should have freedom to be themselves, but those only of whom I try to disprove are those who I have seen as “fake.” If so, does freedom mean fake? Or freedom to believe whatever?

    In all honesty we all already have that freedom.. but we abuse it by believing lies.

    And the moment you abuse it that way and begin to believe those lies, you begin to be a slave to your own lies. You fought for those lies and will not accept anything else.

    So this is only partly for you Wolfy, but otherwords as I give you at least consideration and as you have freedom to believe whatever, please consider what I say and I have the freedom to believe what I see as the truth anyways too.

    • Lupe says:

      Aside from that, I forgive whomever it is I am talking about (the person who made that freedom speech) anyways, because there is no reason to hold grudges, as I said before.

  2. Hybird says:

    Also is this a private chat if so I’ll leave if you want

  3. wolfy says:

    what ever luppe

  4. Dallas Fields says:

    I have a question about werewolf healing abilities. Would a werewolf heal from a tattoo because of it being a voluntarily inflicted injury or would it just not heal period?

  5. Dallas Fields says:

    To make a story short it’s about that one episode from teen wolf where the lead character gets a tattoo for his birthday and I am trying to see how that might apply to an actual werewolf! Yes it sounds weird but that’s my explanation!

    • EmCWolf says:

      In the “Teen Wolf” universe, werewolves heal extremely fast. In the case of Scott’s tattoo, the first attempt by the artist heals up within a little while – once Scott leaves the parlor, his gauze-wrapped arm begins to burn and when he unwraps it, the tattoo has vanished. Later on, Derek is able to make the tattoo permanent by using a blowtorch, though we don’t see the exact method. We can assume Derek knows what he’s doing, as he has a triskele tattoo on his upper back.

      Now, the way tattoos work is pretty simple – a needle injects ink in the deeper layer(s) of a person’s skin. As part of the normal healing process, the immune system attacks the pigment particles, but they are too large to be broken down. This is the basic reason tattoos stay and are permanent; the body can’t heal and get rid of the tattoo. In laser tattoo removal, the laser breaks up the particles to a size the immune system can deal with. This is also why tattoos fade over time – the immune system is continuously trying to remove the foreign ink particles.

      In “Teen Wolf”, we can assume that the supernatural werewolf healing abilities would be/are able to break down the tattoo’s ink particles rather quickly, and get rid of them as it would do with any sort of foreign material. So, the reason Scott’s tattoo disappears is indeed due to his healing abilities. Now, this is mostly speculation, but I believe the blowtorch may cause enough injury to the site of the tattoo that it can’t heal – or that as it heals, it creates scar tissue around each ink particle, thereby “sealing” it into the werewolf’s skin and making it permanent. Though honestly, the show sadly doesn’t go into too much detail about that part. I don’t believe the voluntary nature of the tattoo has anything to do with it because a werewolf’s body (or anyone’s body, really) doesn’t distinguish between voluntary and involuntary trauma: an injury is an injury, and the body will attempt to heal it as best it can, no matter the circumstances. It’s an automatic process.

      As for the real-life implications, I don’t believe there is any truth to the idea that a tattoo on a werewolf would have a different outcome than a tattoo on a human. Some werewolves do heal slightly faster than “normal”, but humans also have different rates of recovery. For instance, some people have better resistance to colds/sickness than do others. It’s just a natural variation that results from your genetic makeup. Werewolves in reality do not heal unnaturally fast. It would be a tell-tale sign that something was up, and would make people question the werewolf – thereby making them a target for all sorts of unwanted attention. We heal at similar rates to humans, so the tattooing process would have the same effect on us: our immune system can’t break down the ink particles, so the tattoo would indeed be permanent. The only implication I believe would have any effect would be the fading over time – a werewolf *may* possibly need more touch-ups to a tattoo than a human would on a similar design/placement. However, again it’s crucial to realize that humans also have slight variations in their response to the tattooing process, and so one person might need more touch-ups than another. The location of the tattoo also has an effect on how well the ink “takes” and stays put without fading.

      Basically it all boils down to this: a werewolf may heal slightly faster than your average human, but humans also have variation in their healing speeds. This means a werewolf would not be obviously detectable as a result of their healing abilities, after getting a tattoo or having any other sort of injury. The werewolves of “Teen Wolf” have unrealistically advanced healing, and so tattoos are not permanent on them without having some type of major trauma inflicted on the area.

  6. Lupe says:

    No, because your dying your skin a certain color. Even if you heal from it really fast, you’ll still have the dyed color. That’s just in reality tho! In Teen Wolf, if you get a tattoo, it goes away because of super regeneration abilities. Maybe it goes away because the skin absorbs the dye as the werewolf regenerates really fast? I’m not sure..

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