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There is always alot of controversy as to whether or not you’d find werewolves online. Many humans see werewolves as antiquated creatures that should be cowering in a forest somewhere instead of online as connected as the rest of humans. There is alot of hate directed towards werewolves online. Many of the concerns humans pose are that online werewolves are fakers or not real werewolves.

The truth is that real werewolves can, and are online just as much as they want to be. Consider the fact that newer werewolves have grown up in today’s technology, and so are comfortable with the internet. Just because they are werewolves does not mean they all of a sudden forget about everything they knew or liked as a human. They don’t revert to being archaic and prehistoric. Werewolves of today are much more advanced than humans think. Werewolves are, if humans want to believe nothing else, incredibly smart. They can use the techonologies that have been developed to their advantage – to stay hidden, to find food, to protect themselves.

By the same token, older werewolves are just as likely to be online. It is true that werewolves have a longer than normal lifespan. Some are very, very old. Just because however a werewolf is very old does not mean that they cannot keep up with the times. Older werewolves are very unlike older humans. Older werewolves advance with technology probably faster than any human does. The older ones typically have more money so can afford to buy the newest technological releases. Because they have lived so long, they are also comfortable with change, and understand the importance of keeping up with the times, especially to blend in.

General rules for the werewolf- Werewolf Maxim’s.

In fact, many werewolves have set up communities online to find each other and give advise and help to the new. Online werewolf communities are generally very welcoming to their own kind. Many tend to keep their real identities secret in case humans are watching. Most don’t mind the fact that humans are disbelievers, this helps keep the true existence of werewolves a secret, and the panic out of the hearts of humans.



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293 Responses

  1. Dallas Fields says:

    So I guess the part about silver being lethal to werewolves would be incorrect?

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @Dallas Fields: Unless you have an allergy to silver, yes.

  3. Dallas fields says:

    I guess the fingernail trimming and hair cutting can be a problem when you’re a werewolf, especially a she-wolf!

  4. Dallas fields says:

    If there are werewolves in southern Louisiana be extra careful! They conducting an investigation into a series of unknown animal sightings and attacks!

  5. nightwolf says:

    @dallas fields: well for me im not hary and i bite my nails but idk cause im a spirit wolf….and so they find a wield dog big deal it wont affect any real werewolfs

  6. Dallas Fields says:

    In reference to the investigation in Louisiana it was a just a re-enactment of an investigation!! However there might be something running around in the swamps that could, very well be meaner than any alligator and just as smart as any human! The people of that area think it’s something demonic but it’s just a mortal creature of flesh, blood, and bone.

  7. Dallas Fields says:

    For werewolves on this site, who are religious there you can still have healthy outlooks toward life!

  8. Dallas Fields says:

    For your information any Hebrew or Muslim werewolves, pork does become part of your diet if or when you become a werewolf from a bite or birth!

  9. Dallas Fields says:

    Can a memory of any kind effect the behavior patterns of a lycanthrope before and after the transformation?

  10. Dallas Fields says:

    I wrote this because last week I found a blue jay chick outside before a cat could get at it via building a nest! Then after considering certain facts about cats I went back outside grabbed the bird held it’s body in one hand and its head in the other then, broke the bird’s neck like a toothpick! My hands smelled of bird blood for three days!!

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @Dallas Fields: See a therapist. Now. This is how psychos start.
    I’m not even kidding, tell your parents, go to a therapist. Not interested in hearing about a school shooting in the future I could have prevented right here.

  12. Holly1300 says:

    @Dallas fields There was this one time at school I seriously felt like killing someone I was breathing very deep started to growl and was staring an evil way and my fingers were arched he’s even called me psycho.. I’m 15

  13. Gloria Morgan says:

    Not a good thing to have a raging Werewolf in public. @Dallas, please get someone to help you out with what you’re going through. Even being a werewolf myself, going around killing sencelessly can bring harm to you and loved ones.

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @Gloria: He’s not a werewolf, he’s just psychotic. Or at least talking like he’s psychotic. Either way, not a werewolf.

  15. Dallas Fields says:

    It has been couple of months since the death of my dog buddy but things are going great!

  16. Wolfy says:

    I seem to howl every night is the common for if I’m werewolf?

  17. Wolfy says:

    I howl and I seem to get a lil more hair every full moon and my only fear is silver for some reason if I bate or lick or sniff silver it stings but I got my Allergy test and I’m not Allergic to silver

  18. Wolfy says:

    I met to sayh bite XD

  19. Wolfy says:

    Hey other Wolfy why did u use my name -.-

  20. Wolfy says:

    I seem to love the moon and I howl at it a lot and my nails get thick and longer and every night my hands almost look like paws!

  21. Wolfy says:

    When will I be a werewolf?

  22. Wolfie says:

    Maybe When You’re 13 , Cause Thats When Full Blooded Werewolves Are Supposed To Change , While Half-blooded Werewolves Change At 18 .

  23. Wolfy says:

    I’ve been getting light headed and better vision and my hair seems to get longer I even howl at the moon a lot and I have a great fear of silver my nails get like claws and my hands get furry then they form to look like werewolf hands

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