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Werewolf kit.

What is supposed to be a werewolf research kit.  Werewolves; a kit like this could have actually been produced and used for research of werewolves. Dating back possibly hundreds of years it was not far fetched to find people who could actually do research on werewolves and who kept their research close at hand and easily moveable. Most werewolf researchers had to be mobile so a suitcase type of kit would have been the most common for researching werewolves.

werewolf kill research kit

werewolf kit (http://alexcf.com/)



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7 Responses

  1. jakar says:

    i cant believed i missed

  2. Lee ann says:

    I wonder whats in the little glass jar? It looks kind of cool

  3. Those look like dinosaur bones. that’s my opinion. look at the curve on the snout. mine is straight not curved.

  4. Meggie says:

    whose that dude in the pic?

  5. alpha female lone wolf says:

    well either a werewolf in human form, a hunter, or some1 who was killed by a werewolf those are my best guesses

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